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Undercover Boss Finds Out His Employee’s Daughter Was Murdered

An employee’s smiley and dedicated demeanor hides his painful past.

A normal, hard day of work pivots into a tragic tell-all when an employee emotionally shares that his daughter was murdered to his disguised CEO. The president and CEO of Johnny Rockets, John Fuller, went undercover at his own company to learn about the employee’s that run the daily operations of this popular burger chain. While on a break with Tony, his mentor for the day, he inquires about his family and personal life. 

“I have kids. I actually lost one. My daughter was murdered,” shares Tony. 

Undercover Boss - Johnny Rockets

However, Tony’s sad experience doesn’t end there. He shares that he found out who he thinks the murderer was and decided to go after him. 

“I found out who it was, and I took the law in my own hands. And I went out and I assaulted him.” 

Undercover Boss - Johnny Rockets

“And I don’t remember much. I blacked out, and by the time I came to I was already going to jail. I really hurt the guy pretty bad.”

The Undercover Boss, John Fuller, continues to be an empathetic listener as Tony shares his harrowing experience of losing his daughter, taking revenge and paying the consequences for his actions. 

John goes on to explain Tony’s story and recounts that the case is still believed to be unsolved, but Tony truly believes that he caught the guy who did it. 

The emotional employee explains that he went to jail for three years, and upon getting out, spent 3 months sleeping under the boardwalk. While spending time on the boardwalk, he happened upon the owner of the newly-built Johnny Rocket’s restaurant and was offered a job after sharing his tragic story. Tony shares: “I owe him so much for taking me off the street.”

During the reveal, the CEO rewards Tony for his dedication to the job by offering him a fully-paid vacation with his family and also $5,000 to make sure he has a roof over his head for a long time. 

Watch the full encounter below: 

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