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Home Again

Soundproofing a Nursery

An expectant couple is looking to baby-proof their home, and Bob Vila shows us how his crew will soundproof the nursery to make sure the newborn will have a safe and quiet place to rest. Home Again with Bob Vila is on weekends starting at 11:00AM Eastern | 10:00AM Central! Watch...
Kitchen Nightmares

Waiter Gives Gordon Ramsay Warning About Food

This waiter tells Chef Gordon Ramsay to STAY AWAY from certain menu items! Gordon Ramsay visits Mama Rita's, a large and beautiful restaurant built on the success of a thriving catering business. This good samaritan of a waiter rattles off a list of items to stay away from, and after trying some of ...
Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay does Sanitation Inspection - Kitchen Nightmares

You can tell a lot about a restaurant by checking how clean the bathroom is...Chef Gordon Ramsay takes a blacklight to the bathroom of Casa Roma, and picks up on unimaginable traces of fluid EVERYWHERE, even the CEILING! His next stop? The kitchen, which is also filled with its share of rotting surp...
Dabl at Home

Easy Cheddar Scallion Biscuits

Make these SUPER EASY cheddar scallion biscuits for dinner tonight! These will go from the kitchen to the dinner table in less than 20 minutes!
Sarah 101

Revamping a Dining Room - Sarah 101

Sarah loves a blank canvas! A young couple wants to make their dining experience more special, so Sarah Richardson hits up the vintage market to update a blank slate of a dining room! Tommy has some ideas with some chairs, and Sarah wants to brighten up with some fun wallpaper...and some hidden gems...
Kitchen Nightmares

Gordon Ramsay Goes Behind the Scenes of a Hollywood Restaurant

Gordon Ramsay heads to the City of Stars for a restaurant that is not worthy of any awards or accolades. Terrible food, and a very dysfunctional staff and kitchen = a storyline of pure disaster. What is Gordon's verdict?  Kitchen Nightmares is on weekdays starting at 10:00PM E...
From Martha's Garden

Martha Shows Us Her Chicken Coop

Martha gives us a tour of her chicken coop, and introduces us to some of her favorite feathered friends. And of course, she share a few tips to make sure these birds stay healthy...and alive!  From Martha's Garden is on weekends starting at 12:00PM Eastern | 11:00AM Central!  Wa...
Cesar 911

Is this dog about to attack? Cesar Millan breaks it down.

"When Nani started curving her body, that was the sign that she was about to bite." Cesar Millan reads this powerful and violent pit bull's body language to avert an attack.  Cesar 911 is on Sundays 10:00AM Eastern | 9:00AM Central!  Watch for FREE on Dabl - click here to f...
The Living Room

Small Patio and Balcony Solution - The Living Room

Turn a small patio into a big entertaining space! Barry from The Living Room helps a city-dwelling DIY-er come up with a big solution for her small space with a fold down bar, seats with storage and a beautiful planter wall! Watch The Living Room for FREE on Dabl Network TV! Click here to fi...
Jamie's 30 Minute Meals

Jamie Oliver Creates a Cooked Salad - Save with Jamie

Jamie Oliver creates a cooked, warm salad! He visits some big time food wastes, and helps them breathe new life into some old veggies by flavoring and heating them up on the stove. The results are even more delicious, flavorful and amazing! Get more budget-friendly meal ideas with Save with Jamie...