DIY Self Watering Plants
Tracy Moore- Cityline
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DIY at Home Gardening Tips

You may be ready to toss some of these household items, but hold onto them, because our friends at Cityline have some clever ways to utilize them for at-home gardening.

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We’re big advocates for spring cleaning, but some of those household items you’re ready to discard may actually be the materials you need for some clever at-home gardening. Our friends at Cityline have 5 creative uses for everyday household items. They make for great projects that both kids and adults will enjoy! 

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Egg Carton Seed Starter

We love this clever use for an empty egg carton. Simply place soil where the eggs once sat, and when the timing is right, germinate those seeds within the soil. 

Seed Organizer in a File Folder

“But when is the right time?” you ask. Well, as Frankie Flowers explains, “It’s all about being organized and knowing when to start seeds.” The way you do this is by taking an accordion folder and labeling each inner tab by the weeks of the year, starting with the first one in January. Organize seeds by their correct time and season, and throughout the year, you’ll know just which crop is ready to be planted. 

Self-Watering Container

Single use plastic water bottles take up tons of space in landfills, so re-using them is one way to do your part and help our environment. Turning them into self-watering containers is an ingenious way to do just that! You’ll need to take a plastic water bottle and slice it horizontally down the middle. You’ll also need a shoelace, made from either cotton or twine.

Take the top half of the water bottle and string the shoelace through the bottle opening, and then twist the lid back on. Then, take the bottom half of the severed water bottle and pour water into its base. Take the top half and place the bottle, mouth first, into the base of the water. The shoelace sticking out will absorb the water and start to wick out into the top half. Then, you’ll just add soil and a plant, into the inverted top half of the water bottle. There you have it, one self-watering container!

DIY Terrarium

Those folks who don’t have a green thumb will really love the simplicity of a terrarium. This one that Frankie Flowers creates is not only beautiful, but also, cost effective. All you need is an open candy jar to build your terrarium in. Layer it with small stones for drainage, then soil, Frankie added some reindeer moss for a pop of color, and then, the succulents.

Coffee Mug Planters

If you’ve got more mugs than you know what to do with, here’s an idea: turn them into bases for your plants. Simply place the plant into your cup -- that’s it! Frankie recommends getting mugs (if you don’t already have) that have inspirational or funny sayings, and you can use them as gifts. Tracy Moore perked up at the idea of using them as dinner party giveaways, where they can double as centerpieces! 

We support Frank’s “sage advice” and agree, these mug plants work great for fresh herbs. Add some greens to your kitchen counters, and then utilize them in some delicious dishes like Roasted Squash With Sage Butter Sauce.

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