Escape to the Country

Tour Unique UK Real Estate on Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country takes prospective buyers looking for the greatest escape ever by taking them to different houses in the country in quest for quieter, idyllic environments as they look to life outside of the city. From North Yorkshire to North Wales, our favorite British hosts take potential buyers on the ultimate house hunt around the United Kingdom. See beautiful homes, learn some local history and go on adventures with our hosts for a quick breather by tuning into this popular tv show. All you have to do is watch Escape to the Country on Dabl!


Join our hosts Jules Hudson, Nicki Chapman, Jonnie Irwin, Alistair Appleton, Sonali Shah, Ginny Buckley and Margherita Taylor as they source the best homes all throughout the United Kingdom in a mission to provide their guests with the perfect home in the beautiful green countryside. Each episode in this series takes the prospective house hunters to a region of the United Kingdom to visit three homes (with one always being a mystery house personally handpicked by the host)! While they are out in the country, we follow the couple as they embark on exciting excursions like scaling the Via Ferrata in North Yorkshire, zip-lining and archery in South Wales, and even more adventures throughout the rural areas of the United Kingdom.

Here at Dabl, we love to highlight what makes each UK town, city, and county special! Every destination somehow seems more beautiful and interesting than the last and we can't just get enough! Take a peek at some of our favorite show highlights throughout the series in the links below!


The Best Of Food: 

Our Favorite Destinations From “Escape to the Country” Where You Can Eat Like A Local!

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth With A Visit To The Oldest Candy Shop In The World!

The Best Of Adventures: 

5 Places To Unleash Your Wild Side The Next Time You Visit The United Kingdom!

Jonnie Irwin Tries His Hand At The Olympic Sport Of Trap Shooting!

The Best Of History: 

Embrace The Rich Military History Of Norfolk County!

Escape To Sussex: The Home Of Jousting, Historic Castles, And Prince Harry’s Namesake

The Best Of Crafts & Trades: 

Find Out How Authentic Scottish Tweed Patterns Are Made! 

Learn How Cricket Bats Are Handmade In Kent!

Experience the Scarecrow Festival in the Yorkshire Dales

The Best Of Animals:

Learn How Labrador Retrievers Really Came To Britain!  

Meet Dressage Horses Who Won Gold At The Olympics! 

Saving the British Butterfly with Jules Hudson

Jules Hudson Meets the Endangered Scottish Wildcat

Nicki Chapman Visits an Animal Sanctuary in Somerset

Meet the Beautiful Newfoundland Rescue Dogs in East Sussex

The Best For Fans: 

23 Definitions Of British Slang Words That May Surprise You!

10 Items You NEED If You’re An “Escape To The Country” Mega-Fan!

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DIY & Home Improvement

Escape to the Country visits Shropshire

Touring a Home in Shropshire England

Learning farming method

Discover The Three Sisters Sustainable Farming Method!

Farming in Devon

"Three Sisters" Farming Method in the Devon Countryside

Home in Wales

What Type Of House Could You Buy In England For The Average Home Price In America?

Couple visits Wales Home

Visit A Two Story Cottage In Wales!

Ettc cozy house

The Coziest Houses In The U.K. To Spend The Winter!

Making Scottish Tweed Fabric

Learn About The Rich History Behind Scottish Tweed Patterns!

Looking at tweed patterns

Learning about Tweed Patterns in the Scottish Borders


Sheepherding and Tagging Escape to the Country

Sheepherding and Tagging on Escape to the Country

Working with well trained dog

Where Did Labrador Retrievers Actually Come From?

Happy Black Lab

Training Black Labradors in Scotland

Recipes & Cooking

Cooking and tasting Cornish Sole

Learn about Cornish Fish - Escape to the Country

ETTC Best places to eat local

Our Favorite Destinations From “Escape to the Country” Where You Can Eat Like A Local!


7 Reasons Why You Should Start Adding More Garlic To Your Diet

ETTC Host samples fresh crab

Learn Why Crabs Caught In Norfolk Are Some Of The Tastiest In The World!

Freshly caught crabs in Norfolk

How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Crabs - Escape to the Country

Making caviar

Learn How Caviar Is Made At One Of Britain’s Finest Caviar Farms!

Candy the old fashioned way demonstration

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth With A Visit To The Oldest Candy Shop In The World!

Cutting rock candy intro strips

You Can’t Visit Blackpool Without Trying This Tasty Treat!

Travel & Lifestyle

Hydroelectric Home

Visit the World's First Eco-Friendly Hydroelectric Home

Miner's Quarters

Learn How Miners Used to Live in England

European Otters on Escape to the Country

Meet the European Otter on Escape to the Country

Jules Hudson in Wiltshire

Explore the History and Culture of Wiltshire on Escape to the Country

Suffolk on Escape to the Country

Suffolk History and Culture - Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country Black Currant

Visit This Black Currant Farm in England

Shetland Sheep Shearing

Shearing Shetland Sheep on Escape to the Country

Escape to the Country Scottish Wildcat

Meeting the Wild Scottish Wildcat