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How Has This Mid-Century Home In Altadena, CA Not Sold?

Despite its desirable location, this home is so outdated that potential buyers can’t picture themselves living in it.

When looking at this mid-century modern home from the outside, you’d think it would be a hot commodity in the booming California real estate market! This Altadena, CA home is located in a prime location in a quiet, tree-lined neighborhood just minutes from Pasadena. It even has its own private pool! So, why won’t this seemingly perfect home sell? 

On this episode of “Sell This House,” host Tanya Memme and design expert Roger Hazard quickly realize that this seemingly great house isn’t getting any offers because it’s too outdated. During its first open house, homebuyers can be heard making negative comments on the home decor used to stage the rooms. The charm of this house was hidden under its outdated decorations. Luckily, this is a problem Tanya and Roger can easily solve!

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While you might think such an outdated home would need a major overhaul, Roger and Tanya show how easy it is to make simple changes that completely transform the home’s atmosphere. All this home really needed was a fresh coat of paint and some restaging. First, Roger started by repainting the walls with a pretty bright color, and incorporating the same color scheme throughout the home to create a better flow between rooms. In the dining room, Roger painted a two-toned wall to draw attention to the high ceilings and make the room feel larger. 

Once the paint dried, all Roger and Tanya had to do was re-stage the home with the furniture that was already there. By rearranging the existing furniture, the home’s floor plan felt more open and homebuyers could see the space as a modern living area instead of an outdated, cluttered mess. In 2022, one of the features homebuyers care most about is having access to multifunctional spaces that can be used for several different purposes. Roger catered to this desire by turning the old dining room into an area for entertaining and working or studying simply by rearranging furniture within the home. 

At the next open house, it was clear that Roger and Tanya’s changes made a big difference. Instead of complaints and criticism, potential homebuyers had nothing but compliments for the home. This proves that minor changes can make a huge difference! This home’s entire transformation cost less than $300, which is an investment the homeowners are sure to more than make back now that their house is ready to sell!  

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