Sell This House

Tanya Memme

Sell This House Host Tanya Memme

Host Tanya Memme and designer Roger Hazard travel the country helping homeowners reinvent homes that have been on the market too long. After a hidden camera walk-through with prospective buyers sharing their likes and dislikes, Hazard transforms the home and stages it for another open house. The prospective buyers are brought back to have another look and perhaps make offers on the property.

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DIY & Home Improvement

Living Room Layout

How to Make Your Living Room Layout "Flow"

Ugly Brick Wall

What's Wrong with This Home in Ohio?

Kona Country Ohana - Sell This House

Staging an "Ohana" from Kona Country Hawaii on Sell This House!

Palm Springs Home Makeover

Palm Springs Kitchen Makeover

Roger and Tanya in kitchen

How Has This Mid-Century Home In Altadena, CA Not Sold?

Altadena House

Staging at Home in Altadena, CA

Sell This House visit Burbank

Why Can't They Sell This Home in Burbank?

Staging a Home in Carlton, OR

Staging a Home in Carlton, Oregon