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Escape to the Country

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth With A Visit To The Oldest Candy Shop In The World!

Enjoy a tour of what’s believed to be the oldest sweets store in the world, and learn how to make candy the traditional way!

As Britain's largest county, North Yorkshire has something to delight all the senses! Although North Yorkshire is mostly known for its rural enchantments since much of the land belongs to national parks, the charming towns within this county have some sweet treats and captivating stories to share. Within one of these towns, known as Pateley Bridge, visitors and locals alike take immense pleasure in paying a visit to what’s believed to be the oldest candy shop in the world. The store has been selling sweets since 1827, and today sells a mix of traditional British sweets and modern candies. Learn about the inner workings of this shop and meet the owners in the clip below!

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Not only is this store treasured because of its ode to the past and sweet history, but it also is one of the only places in Britain that still sells all the old traditional favorites and chocolates that are hard to find throughout the country. While most confections are manufactured in offsite factories, this shop is one of few places that still hand-makes some of its candy the traditional way in the shop. A sweet sugar mix is boiled over the building’s old fireplace, hand colored and shaped, and run through an old Victorian rolling machine to shape the candy into drops. After watching the clip above, we would have given almost anything to be the couple who got to try the fresh candy hot off the roller! 

This also got us thinking about (and craving) all the incredible candies residents of Britain get to eat everyday that aren’t widely available in the states if they are even sold at all! From Lion Bars and Double Deckers to Maltesers and Tunnocks Snowballs, we can’t get enough of English confections! In fact, we’d take a trip to England just to try all the candy if nothing else! 

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