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Our Favorite Destinations From “Escape to the Country” Where You Can Eat Like A Local!

Revisit 5 destinations from episodes of “Escape to the Country” where you can try some of the best British cuisine on your future travels!

When visiting a country as vast and as beautiful as Britain, it’s easy to get caught up in the country’s magnificent sites, rich history, and fascinating culture. But we want to encourage you to include time for sampling some of the country’s best cuisine on your next trip to England. They say when you visit a new place to ask the locals where they like to eat and it’s best to go to the destinations loved by the locals instead of hitting the touristy hot spots. So without further ado, here are 5 can’t-miss destinations from “Escape to the Country” where you’ll be able to eat like a local!

1.) Cornish Fish At Watergate Bay:

When you visit Cornwall, you’ll find a rich fishing history with a focus on sustainability. Our host pays a visit to one of Cornwall’s busiest fishing docks where she is introduced to a type of fish called Megrim Sole, or Cornish Sole as it’s been lovingly nicknamed. She then continues her journey to Watergate Bay in Cornwall to learn how this flaky, white fish is best prepared and samples some of this mild, yet tasty fish for herself. If you’re feeling inspired to dine or stay at Cornwall’s Watergate Bay, learn more and make your reservation here

2.) Traditional Cream Tea In Devon: 

There is much debate as to who invented Cream Tea, but Devonshire County definitely believes it was first and has been running a campaign to get European protected status on its version. The essential ingredient is clotted cream and the key is to put the cream on a freshly baked scone with jam on top. The cream must always be applied before the jam, or else it wouldn’t be a traditional Devonshire Cream Tea. Make sure to pay a visit to Devonshire County on your next trip to England to have an authentic cream tea experience for yourself! 

3.) Oysters In Porlock Bay: 

Porlock Bay is located within the Exmoor Region and is commonly known as the home of the oyster throughout the United Kingdom. Oysters were so popular in this coastal town during the 19th century, that overfishing decimated the natural oyster population. Now, a community effort has begun to reintroduce oysters back into the waters of this coastal town. Our host pays a visit to Porlock Bay to hear more about the initiative to reinvigorate the oyster population and learns interesting secrets about oyster harvesting. For example, did you know it takes each batch of oysters 3 years to grow? Then, our host gets to taste a raw oyster. Judging by his excited reaction, fresh oysters from Porlock Bay must be more than delicious enough to warrant a trip. 

4.) Asparagus In The Cotswolds: 

Cotswold is a region that is serious about its asparagus. Every year on St. George’s Day, the region holds a festival at the National Trust’s Bretforton pub, The Fleece, to celebrate the start of the 8-week asparagus growing season. The festival includes elaborate displays of Morris Dancing to bless the coming harvest, a fortune teller dressed like asparagus, a themed mascot, and appearances by St. George himself! When the celebration is over, the real work begins in the fields of the asparagus farms, such as the one visited by our host. 

During the asparagus season, you can also sample the Asparamenu offered by the Tea Room at the Wayside Farm Shop. The creators of the menu have reinvented how asparagus is used by including it in every course of their cream tea, such as in the scones and jam. You can experience this unique cream tea experience during the Springtime by contacting the Wayside Farm Shop to book a reservation here

5.) Cromer Crabs In Norfolk: 

Cromer Crabs, which are named after Cromer Village located on the Northern coast of Norfolk, are widely regarded as some of the best of the best. Although these crabs are on the smaller side, they are fully meated and known to possess a sweet and juicy flavor that is out of this world. Even the gender of the crabs can impact how they taste! On this episode of “Escape to the Country,” our host had an exclusive opportunity to learn the ins and outs of potting for Cromer Crabs and even got to taste a freshly caught crab!

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