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Learn How Caviar Is Made At One Of Britain’s Finest Caviar Farms!

Learn surprising and fun facts about how caviar is made and the fascinating fish this delicacy comes from!

Caviar is a famous delicacy enjoyed by many, but what exactly is caviar and how is it made? As it’s one of the most expensive foods in the world, it’s surprising we don’t know more about caviar. But on this episode of “Escape to the Country,” Host Nicki Chapman is determined to find out everything there is to know! She quickly learns that proper caviar only consists of fish eggs laid by sturgeons. Sturgeon is the name given to the 27 species of fish that are typically bony, long lived, and have elongated bodies. While they can be found in various parts of the world, the U.K. has some of the nicest bodies of water for sturgeons to happily inhabit. Learn more about the secrets of where caviar comes from and how it’s made into a delicacy for us to enjoy in the below clip! 

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Although we can’t speak for everyone, we were fascinated by the fresh water farm where the sturgeon are raised and caviar is made. The farm’s ability to filter 40 million gallons of fresh spring water through the tanks on a daily basis was almost inconceivable, but that was only the beginning of the fun facts that continued to surprise us and blow us away! For example, we learned that although trout and salmon caviar does exist, only caviar that comes from sturgeon eggs is proper caviar. 

However, we were probably most impressed by what we learned about sturgeon! We didn’t know that their existence pre-dated dinosaurs, and didn’t expect the fish to look so prehistoric or interesting when we got an up-close look in the above clip. We also didn’t realize it takes sturgeon around up to 12 years to mature enough to be harvested for their eggs. The amount of time and effort that goes into raising these fish for so many years explains why it takes so long to make caviar, as well as why this delicacy is likely so expensive. 

Last but not least, we weren’t aware that sturgeon were on the endangered species list. While the first instinct might be to avoid eating meat or caviar that comes from sturgeon to avoid worsening this species’ endangered status, the type of humane farming done at the British caviar farm visited by Nicki is actually a good thing. Sustainable farming has limited negative impact on the environment, if any, and gives sturgeon populations in the wild a chance to recover.  

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