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Escape to the Country
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Escape to the Country

Escape To Sussex: The Home Of Jousting, Historic Castles, And Prince Harry’s Namesake

Virtually attend the largest jousting tournament in the U.K. and learn about all the excitement the county of Sussex has to offer!

Things are certainly heating up in Sussex, especially with Prince Harry’s announcement that he is publishing a memoir in 2022. While fans of the royal family are excited to read the Duke of Sussex’s honest and truthful interpretation of his life, members of the royal family are displeased with the news. Sources close to the royal family have reported anxiety and nervousness surrounding the secrets Prince Harry will reveal. Of course, spilling the tea on all things royal isn’t the only excitement that the English country of Sussex has to offer. 

On this episode of “Escape to the Country,” we pay a visit to Arundel Castle in West Sussex to attend a real-life international jousting tournament. Jousting began in the middle ages as a way to prepare horses and riders for battle, but the sport faded away as new weapons changed standard methods of warfare. Today, the annual tournament is the largest re-enactment of the historic sport in all of Britain. Watch as 8 knights in shining armor compete in a thrilling joust in the clip below! 

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In the past, jousting tournaments were often a joust to the finish, where the winning knight had only won once his opponent was deceased or severely injured. Today, the knights pay homage to this historical sport by participating in a joust of peace. Instead of injuring each other, the knights aim to break their opponent’s lance or shield. The joust is just as thrilling, but all the knights are in one piece at the end of the day. On your next trip to Britain, make sure to check the calendar so you can be a spectator at the next jousting tournament. It will be the experience of a lifetime!  

If you’re already in West Sussex, there is no reason not to extend your trip to explore more of the county that is Prince Harry’s namesake. Sussex truly has something for every personality type to experience a dream vacation! Since Sussex is located on England’s south coast, it’s home to some beautiful beach towns, including the famous city of Brighton and its Victorian pier. If you prefer to be in the country, you won’t be able to get enough of Sussex’s charming towns that make for a perfect weekend getaway, such as Alfriston, Midhurst, Lewes, and Rye, which is known for having “the prettiest streets” in Britain. 

For travelers with an insatiable urge to learn and explore, Sussex will be your playground. In addition to attending the jousting tournament at Arundel Castle, you’ll also have to pay a visit to what remains of Bodiam Castle. Built in the 14th century, the castle features towering spires, a large moat, and hosts daily medieval activities to create an immersive experience for guests. You can then reflect on your castle experiences by taking a scenic walk on the iconic Seven Sisters Chalk Cliffs near the English Channel, or on a hike through England’s newest national park, known as South Downs National Park. Plus, who knows? While it’s unlikely, you might just happen to run into the Duke of Sussex on a weekend getaway of his own! 

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