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Escape to the Country

Escape To The Country For A Thrilling Game Of Crolf!

Learn about the hybrid game that combines croquet and golf that’s quickly earned fans throughout Devon, as well as why you should visit this stunning region on your next trip to England!

Approximately 16 years ago, Robbie Richardson had an idea that would change athletics in Devon forever. At his home in Chudleigh, a town located within Devonshire County in the U.K., Robbie had the brilliant idea to combine the best of cross country croquet with golf to invent a new sport, which he named Crolf. The sport utilizes wooden balls and hammers rather than mallets, and the objective is to steer the ball through metal goals using a minimal amount of turns. The goals are hybrids that combine properties of hoops and holes, and the winner of the game is the player with the lowest score. Robbie estimates that between 4,000 and 5,000 people play Crolf in England today. 

On this episode of “Escape to the Country,” Vince and Denise meet Devon at a beautiful 18th century house located in UgBrooke gardens to learn about crolf from the man who invented it. Robbie explains why he invented crolf, how the game is played, and even gives the couple an expert lesson that would be a dream come true for most crolf enthusiasts. Denise and Richard also get the opportunity to meet the best croft players in England, who were visiting UgBrooke to prepare for the British Crolf Championships that are held annually in the gardens. Check out the clip below to see this incredible sport for yourself!

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If you find yourself visiting Chudleigh, make sure to fit in a game of crolf during your trip at UgBrooke, where you can try out Mr. Richardson’s tips on how to play crolf yourself or attend the annual Crolf Championships! Plus, you’ll want to bring a camera to take some epic shots while you take in the beauty of the 18th century manor that watches over UgBrook’s equally stunning gardens. But that’s not all this region has to offer! 

In addition to the active crolf scene, Chudleigh is famous as an ancient wool town with stunning sites and interesting activities. During the day, you can explore the historic town, and spend the evening with delicious food and captivating stories at one of the town’s many ale houses. If you love surfing, swimming, or sunbathing, Chudleigh is surrounded by beautiful, relaxing beaches like Teignmouth, which is only 8 miles away from the main town. If you or your family are feeling adventurous, you could also take a day trip to Dartmoor National Park, where you can hike, mountain bike, or go kayaking. 

However, a visit to Chudleigh could be combined with a larger trip that explores the rest of Devon. While you can have high tea experiences in the states, the first thing many tourists do is attend an authentic British high tea with Devonshire clotted cream. Once your bellies are full, you can explore the history and sights that Devon has to offer. This beautiful region is home to the oldest working gin distillery in Plymouth as well as the oldest functioning steam engine, and has Jacka’s, the oldest (and arguably most delicious) working bakery in the world. 

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