Jonnie rides a historic tank
Escape to the Country
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Escape to the Country

Embrace The Rich Military History Of Norfolk County!

There is no better way to explore one of Britain's most significant counties than in the driver’s seat of a historic armored tank!

It’s one thing to read about history. It’s another thing entirely to experience it. Norfolk is a place of rich history, and is the location of a fair share of invasions and battles starting with the first Spanish Armada invasion in 1588 all the way through World War I and World War II. The country is surrounded by deep water ways, particularly in a Northern portion of the county known as Weybourne Hope, making it easy for offending ships to navigate and approach. While no battles have taken place at Weybourne Hope for decades, it’s now home to Britain’s largest private military collection at an establishment called the Muckleburgh Collection at Weybourne Camp. On this episode of “Escape to the Country,” Host Jonnie Irwin visits the Muckleburgh Collection to meet with its curator and experience history by driving an old British armored tank from the 1960’s. Relive history with Jonnie by watching the below clip! 

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It’s one thing to read about history or learn about it on TV. It can even be exciting to visit a museum and to see historical objects up close. But there’s nothing like getting the chance to experience history for yourself. Even members of the general public are invited to visit the Muckleburgh Collection to test drive a historic tank and relive a bit of history. After your hands-on tank ride, you will be able to view more than 115 military vehicles, all of which are restored and in working order. Plus, this unusual museum has many more war trinkets and items you won’t be able to see anywhere else!

When you’re done at the Muckleburgh Collection, you’ll be less than a mile from Weybourne Hope Beach. This is where many invasions took place and holds great historical significance. A British military camp was located at Weybourne Hope for a long time, and it oversaw the training of 300,000 personnel over the course of four decades. Instead of warfare and training soldiers, you’ll likely find one of the most serene and beautiful beaches currently in existence. But when you visit a place with so much historical significance, you can’t help but feel that something important happened there. 

While in Weybourne, you’ll also be steps away from the historical North Norfolk Railway and the Weybourne Windmill. The North Norfolk Railway, which is also known as the Poppy Line, is now a restoration workshop for various railway vehicles and hosts seasonal special events. The Weybourne Windmill is a restored tower mill from 1850 that is said to have been home to a German spy during World War II. Both stunning locations are packed with stories and historical significance, which definitely warrants a visit!

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