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10 Items You Probably Have If You’re An Escape To The Country Mega-Fan!

If you’re a big fan of “Escape to the Country,” you already have these British-themed items or need to purchase them pronto!

If you’re an “Escape to the Country,” mega-fan, you already know who you are! You’re the person who spends hours binging episodes of your beloved show while snacking on British candy or enjoying a spot of tea. When you’re not actively watching episodes of “Escape to the Country,” you’re likely telling your friends about the beautiful and historic houses you saw on a recent episode, keeping up with the latest gossip surrounding the royal family, or planning the itinerary for your dream English vacation. As we went down the rabbit hole of thinking about our beloved “Escape to the Country” super fans, we couldn’t help thinking about what items an avid fan would consider absolutely essential. From tea pots to themed cufflinks and rare British candy, we think this is what every anglophile either already has or definitely needs! 

Cadbury Cadbury

Cadbury Selection Box of 10 Full Size British Chocolate Bars

If you’ve been a fan of Britain for any length of time, you know their candy is far superior to what we have in America! Therefore, you likely always have some British candy on hand, such as these mouth-watering Cadbury Chocolates, to satiate your sweet cravings throughout the day or snack on as you watch “Escape to the Country!” The candies come in multiple flavors and arrive in a themed box that features the British flag. 


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House of HamptonHouse of Hampton

Talara 11 Piece Porcelain Rose Chintz Blue Cottage Tea Set

If you’re an anglophile, you know the importance of the high tea ceremony. And in various episodes of “Escape to the Country”, you’ve learned the traditional ways to prepare cream tea and scones! Now you can serve your own high tea with this traditional, porcelain china set. The dishwasher safe set features an elegant floral pattern, and includes 4 tea cups and saucers, a teapot, and holders for sugar and creamer. 

$90 (On Sale!)

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The Irish Store The Irish Store

Aran Cardigan Tea Cozy

It’s not a true tea party unless you have a tea cozy! In British tradition, tea cozies are hand-knitted or utilize thick fabrics to help keep the teapot warm during infusing and serving. This adorable tea cozy makes it look like your teapot is cozy in a mini cardigan. It features traditional aran stitch patterns and is made entirely of merino wool. 


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British Cufflinks with Presentation Box

Have you ever been told that you wear your heart on your sleeve? Now you can wear your love for all things British on your sleeve with these adorable cufflinks! These high quality cuff-links feature the British flag, which is formally known as the Union Jack or the Union Flag. They’re classy enough to be worn as formal business meetings or weddings, and make a fantastic gift for the men in your life!


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Union Jack Stratford Grab Bag Purse From Harrods

Harrods is one of the most beloved luxury department stores in England, and has gained worldwide fame. You can have one of Harrods’ famous handbags shipped straight to your home to accessorize with English style everyday! This Stratford Grab Bag features a London-themed print and striping that corresponds to the Union Jack. It has plenty of storage space that can be zipped closed to keep all your personal items and smaller English accessories safe and secure wherever you go!


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Penguin BooksPenguin Books

The Old Ways: A Journey on Foot (Landscapes)

This paperback book by Robert Macfarlane is a highly respected guide for planning a trip to England. Using the author’s vivid descriptions of Britain’s beautiful landscapes and the history behind each location, you’ll be able to take a trip that allows you to escape to the country yourself! With this detailed book as a guide, you’ll be able to learn, see, and experience much more than the average tourist.


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Seascape Painting

Seaside vacations and coastal holidays are a favorite pastime for English families every year. Afterall, the U.K. is home to some of the most beautiful beaches and seaside towns. You can celebrate this part of British culture by displaying ocean-themed artwork throughout your home, such as this beautiful print of waves on a historic beach.  

$13+ (On Sale!)

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British Themed Luggage Tags

If you are an “Escape to the Country” fan, you are probably always planning your next trip to the United Kingdom. When you get to the airport, even your luggage should look the part with these themed identification tags! In addition to helping you easily identify your belongings, the tags feature adorable cartoon depictions of common British symbols, including double decker buses and the British flag in a heart. If you agree that these tags are too cute to only use when traveling, you can also use them to prevent childrens’ backpacks or lunchboxes from getting lost or find other uses in your daily life. 


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Home Essentials Home Essentials

Home Essentials British Mug

If you do not own at least one item that says “Keep calm and carry on,” you can’t consider yourself to be a true anglophile. Whether you are drinking your morning coffee at home or the office, this mug will help motivate you to have a great day with its fun British theming. Of course, it prominently orders you to “Keep calm and carry on!” If you buy several mugs, you can use them to serve hot beverages to add extra flare to “Escape to the Country” viewing nights with your friends and family! 


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Red Barrel Studio Red Barrel Studio

Catella British Bulldog Dog Indoor/Outdoor Throw Pillow

This throw pillow is a favorite among anglophiles and pet lovers, and can be used both indoors and outdoors. It features an English bulldog imposed over the background of a Leonardo da Vinci sketch. Not only is this English dog adorable, but the pillow makes a comfortable backrest to help you relax on the sofa while watching episodes of “Escape to the Country!”


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