Escape to the Country

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Escape to The County

The presenters take the prospective buyers around to different houses in the country. The desire for more room, cleaner air and less noise drives city dwellers featured in this series to seek an escape to the country. See beautiful homes, learn some local history and go on adventures with our hosts for a quick breather! 

Escape to the Country is on Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00PM Eastern! 

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Caviar farm fish

What Exactly Is Caviar?

Oldest Candy Shop Conversation

The Oldest Sweet Shop in the World - Escape to the Country

Rock Candy Conversation 1

How Rock Candy is Made

75 acre pepper farm host and manager

75 Acre Pepper Farm in West Sussex - Escape to the Country

Jonnie Irwin Trap Shooting with Abbey Instructor ETTC

Virtually Escape To Somerset To Learn About The Sport Of Trap Shooting!

Escape to the Country Horse

Gloucestershire Equestrian Heritage - Escape to the Country

Crolf Escape to the Country

Cross Country Golf AKA CROLF - Escape to the Country

Newfoundland Dogs

Newfoundland Rescue Dogs - Escape to the Country


Working with well trained dog

Where Did Labrador Retrievers Actually Come From?

Happy Black Lab

Training Black Labradors in Scotland

Recipes & Cooking

ETTC Host samples fresh crab

Learn Why Crabs Caught In Norfolk Are Some Of The Tastiest In The World!

Freshly caught crabs in Norfolk

How to Tell the Difference Between Male and Female Crabs - Escape to the Country

Making caviar

Learn How Caviar Is Made At One Of Britain’s Finest Caviar Farms!

Candy the old fashioned way demonstration

Satiate Your Sweet Tooth With A Visit To The Oldest Candy Shop In The World!

Cutting rock candy intro strips

You Can’t Visit Blackpool Without Trying This Tasty Treat!

Trying bell peppers at pepper farm

Explore A Former Royal Air Force Station That Has Transformed Into Britain's Largest Pepper Farm!


Asparagus Farming and Recipes - Escape to the Country

Cream tea

Experience High Tea the Proper Way at These Stateside Destinations

DIY & Home Improvement

Making Scottish Tweed Fabric

Learn About The Rich History Behind Scottish Tweed Patterns!

Looking at tweed patterns

Learning about Tweed Patterns in the Scottish Borders

Making cricket bats

Learn How Cricket Bats Are Made In Kent!

items from article Escape to the Country

10 Items You Probably Have If You’re An Escape To The Country Mega-Fan!

Carl Hester Equestrian Escape to the Country

Learn About Dressage From An Equestrian Who Won Gold At The Olympics


Escape To The Country For A Thrilling Game Of Crolf!

Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting in Somerset - Escape to the Country

Cycling in Shropshire

Cycling in Shropshire England - Escape to the Country