Escape to the Country

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Escape to The County

The presenters take the prospective buyers around to different houses in the country. The desire for more room, cleaner air and less noise drives city dwellers featured in this series to seek an escape to the country. See beautiful homes, learn some local history and go on adventures with our hosts for a quick breather! 

Escape to the Country is on Monday through Friday from 4:00 to 7:00PM Eastern! 

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EttC China Factory Shropshire

China Factory in Shropshire

Oyster Shucking

An Oyster Farmer has his first raw oyster

Escape to the Country North Yorkshire Aviation

North Yorkshire Aviation History

Paddleboarding Wye River

Paddleboarding in England - Escape to the Country

scottish Tea

Escape to the Country - Scottish Tea

Arts & Crafts

Cycling in Shropshire

Cycling in Shropshire England - Escape to the Country


Trap Shooting

Trap Shooting in Somerset - Escape to the Country

Kale Farming in Lincolnshire

Kale Farming in Lincolnshire, England

Lavender Distillery

Lavender Farm and Distillery


Cream tea

Experience High Tea the Proper Way at These Stateside Destinations

Cream Tea

Cream Tea Tradition in Devon - Escape to the Country

Seaweed Gin

Seaweed Gin and Cheese

Sustainable Fishing

Sustainability Matters: Try Some New Seafood For Dinner Tonight!

Sustainable Fishing

Sustainability Matters: Try Some New Seafood For Dinner Tonight!

Black Garlic 2

A Garlic That Doesn't Make Your Breath Stink?

Black Garlic

Black Garlic

scottish Tea

What is the Difference Between Green, Black and White Tea?