Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb

Amanda Lamb helps three homeowners improve their houses before one buyer comes round to view them and decide which is their favorite. The homeowners get the chance to snoop around each other’s houses before going head-to-head in competition. Having sized up their rivals’ properties, they get one week, one thousand pounds and top-notch advice from Amanda on what home improvements to make. For some, the truth is hard to hear and Amanda’s advice and their rivals’ comments are not always welcome – especially when it’s so close to home. But with budgets tight and time short, the pressure is on to make the most impact with their makeovers.


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DIY & Home Improvement

Searching for Homes in North Surrey

Amanda Lamb Shows Off Homes in North Surrey

Forest Hill

Forest Hill Bonus Scene from Selling Houses with Amanda Lamb