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Use These 10 Tools To Successfully Complete Interior Design Projects That Would Make Sarah Richardson Proud!

We collected 10 useful tools that we are positive Design Expert Sarah Richardson uses to ensure her interior design projects always exceed expectations!

Here at DABL, we are big fans of Sarah Richardson. We can never get enough of her innovative interior design solutions whether we are watching “Sarah 101,” “Room Service,” or “Design Inc.” Though Sarah Richardson hails from Canada, she is extremely talented at creating practical yet elevated interior design solutions that appeal to a vast range of diverse clients from all over the world. Her designs always stand the test of time, while also appealing to a modern, contemporary audience. If you want to bring Sarah Richardson’s magic touch to your next interior design project, make sure you utilize these 10 tools! 


ScotchBlue 1.88 in. x 60 yds. Original Multi-Surface Painter's Tape

While painter’s tape is a useful tool for creating straight lines and protecting surfaces while painting, it also has additional purposes when working on DIY projects. For example, you can strategically place scotch tape and paint over it to create a new pattern or design on a desired surface. For example, Sarah Richardson once used painter’s tape to make the pattern for a DIY checkers table!


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Wooster 9 in. Sherlock Roller Frame

The paint color of your room can completely change the vibe of your space, and even how large the room feels. Therefore, switching up the paint color will frequently be a part of interior design projects. Sarah Richardson probably always has a reliable paint roller on hand, like this paint roller frame from Sherlock, so she is ready to go anytime a new paint job is needed! 


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20-Volt MAX Cordless Reciprocating Saw

Cutting wood is a common part of many DIY and home improvement projects. If this applies to you, you’ll find that a reciprocating saw is an invaluable tool that can take the place of many others. In addition to being extremely versatile, this saw uses a pull and push blade motion to cut in hard-to-reach places where no other type of saw would be able to fit. This reciprocating saw from DEWALT is one of the best on the market, and features customizable blade speeds and easier depth-of-cut control. 

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ONE+ 18V Lithium-Ion Cordless 1/2 in. Drill/Driver Kit with 1.5 Ah Battery and 18V Charger

Power drills are the ultimate luxury tool and will make your home improvement and DIY projects much more efficient. Instead of tiring out your hands trying to screw in every screw manually, this power drill does all the work for you very quickly. A drill is basically a super powered screwdriver that can adapt to any type of screw-head bit. If your project includes any sort of screwing in screws or drilling holes, you’ll see that using a power drill like this top notch drill kit from RYOBI is absolutely essential.


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22 oz. Milled Face Framing Hammer

With most remodels, there will be nails. When you have nails, you need a hammer. Whether you are hanging artwork or pictures, putting together furniture, or working with carpentry, you’ll need a durable hammer in your tool belt like this Milwaukee Milled Face Framing Hammer. Its precision balanced design provides strong and smooth striking power, yet its trademarked Shockshield grip reduces uncomfortable vibrations in your hand by up to 10 times more than the competition. It also features an integrated magnetic nail set for easy nail placement. 


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Lifreer Furniture Touch Up Markers

Instead of paying for brand new furniture, make your old furniture look new again! Using these touch up markers, you can repair scratches, scuffs, and discolorations to make your furniture look like it's brand new. These repair markers come in 8 unique colors to ensure it matches all the surfaces in your home, and are meant to be used on wood or solid furniture products. They can also be utilized on other solid surfaces in your home, including floors, doors and door frames, cabinets, tables, bed posts, and more! 

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DONYER POWER Portable Electric Sewing Machine

Save money and customize your next interior design project by making new creations for your home by working with your favorite fabrics. Sometimes small additions can make your space feel entirely refreshed and new! Using this compact portable sewing machine, you could create new accent pillows, curtains, bedding, drapes, and more. This sewing machine comes with 12 preset stitching patterns, and has a built-in needle threader, adjustable stitch length and width, a free arm, and on-board accessory storage.


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Klein Tools Klein Tools

Klein Tools Torpedo Level

Experts like Sarah Richardson don’t waste time or make mistakes by trying to “eyeball” if something is level or not. Instead, they use a leveling tool, such as this Torpedo Level, to take out the guesswork in the remodel process. Slight errors can make picture frames, furniture, shelving, and other objects look completely out of whack and mess up the entire room, but this level will prevent those inaccuracies from happening.


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4 ft. Solid Wood Top Workbench with Pegboard Storage

Sarah Richardson is not only an accomplished interior designer, but also a DIY expert. When Sarah works on her DIY projects, she has a designated space to build and design. This high quality, durable workbench can now be your designated space for all of your personal DIY projects. It’s designed to withstand extreme temperatures and humidity, and is meant to be placed in a garage or basement-type environment. It is quick and easy to assemble, and has adjustable feet to account for unevenness in your floor. This workbench also comes with built-in storage and is designed to help keep your workspace organized and uncluttered. 


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Canon Powershot SX420 Point & Shoot Digital Camera

What would an interior design show be without the classic before and after comparison? You should also take before and after photos of your next interior design project so you can see how much your hard work really improved the space. You can also take pictures to track your progress. If you want to be an interior designer like Sarah Richardson, you’ll need a high quality camera to take pictures of your work to build a portfolio to show potential clients. This bundle from Canon includes an easy-to-use digital camera, a camera carrying case, a camera battery and charger, and memory cards. 


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