Real Potential

Sarah Richardson

Sarah Richardson- Real Potential

House hunting can be an overwhelming task whether it's your first house or your fourth. It's the biggest, most costly purchase we make and we don't want to screw it up. And you won't as long as you have Sarah Richardson and Real Potential at your side!

Real Potential is three shows in one: property shopping, renovation and design! Sarah tours a couple through three different houses, weighing the pros and cons of each as only someone with Sarah's home buying and renovation expertise can. Sarah is both funny and brutally honest. Once the couple buys their home Sarah renovates a key room they simply cannot see past. We shop, we pick; we make it pretty!

Viewers at home get to play along because we are never sure which house the couple with buy until they announce it to Sarah. Once we know which room needs the renovation and the buyers' vision, the next time they see the room is only when it's done. Has Sarah polished this diamond in the rough into their dream home?

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DIY & Home Improvement

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Sarah Richardson Creates a Spa Retreat

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