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Design Inc., tears back the curtain on the exciting, high stakes world of interior design. As Sarah Richardson and team jump hurdles to create stylish, livable spaces we share each high and low moment along the way. As in life, design inc. has no script!

Design inc., chronicles the trials, tribulations and triumphs faced by a busy downtown design firm while creating beautiful, practical rooms for diverse clients. Whether strictly decorative or back to the raters, design inc. brings you the real, "shoot-from-the-hip" story, from beginning to end. 

A knock on the door introduces design inc. host, the Gemini-Award winning Sarah Richardson, to the client for the first time ever. This initial meeting forms inspired ideas that launch an in terror design project shaped around the homeowner's objectives and personal style.

Back at their brand new design HQ Sarah and her group of young, hip designers brainstorm the project. They pull together their wits and insider contracts to set the transformation in motion. It's fast-paced and fun, as the design inc. team creates results with high impact and timeless style.

Design inc. dispels the myths of the interior design process, while inviting viewers along for the ride. It ins't easy as it looks; clients can be indecisive and we all make mistakes. Yet in spite of every conceivable challenge Sarah and her team prevail, leaving energy, inspiration and beautiful designs in their wake. 

Real stakes. Real Style.

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