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Get the Charming Look of this Historic Modern Cottage for Less

Use this historic Australian home as a template for achieving the perfect balance of old and new!

In this clip of Open Homes Australia, we visit Inverleigh, a town in rural Australia that was founded in 1847. We step into a stone cottage which was built around the same time as the town originated.

Glen Nobes of GNK Building gives a tour of the home that has been renovated for modern times yet still retains much of its original structure and charm.The owner wanted to keep the rich heritage of the home so the original stones are still there but next to an addition of white walls and a modern door. The front porch still exists with the aluminum awning and a wooden rocking chair.

The kitchen is a simple design with stainless steel appliances and gray and white tones on the backsplash and kitchen counters. The bathrooms contain similar coloring and finishes as the kitchen.  The wooden floorings add warmth to the home.

The most striking detail to us was the hallway which had both the original stones up against the white walls and wooden floors. We love the industrial style lighting fixture in the hallway. While you can’t necessarily get those historic stone walls in your home, we did find five items that will help you get the look for less (LFL)!  Read on to see how you can integrate pieces from this stone cottage into your own home.

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Project 62Project 62

Artificial Zamioculcas Zamiifolia Plant in Pot

The stone cottage is minimalist in its decor, but there are faux potted plants throughout the home on floors, counters, and the kitchen table. This one from Target is 23” x 18” which is a perfect height for placement on both the ground or an elevated surface.


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Orange Lizard Copper Wall Decoration

In the newer section of the stone cottage, you’ll notice the wall decor at the front entrance. Pay homage to Australia, which has been referred to as “the land of reptiles”, with this LFL find. The lizard measures 18”, is lightweight and easy to hang. 


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Hashtag HomeHashtag Home

Wrenshall Plastic Side Chair

The kitchen in the stone cottage features a large wooden dining table and around it are 8 chairs that look just like these ones here! These chairs from Wayfair have the scooped seat made from molded plastic atop four splayed beech wood legs.


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Barstow Natural Brown Acacia Wood Outdoor Rocking Chair

Get your very own rocking chair to sit out on the front patio. The one in the clip may be an antique, but this one looks pretty similar to us!


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Trent Austin DesignTrent Austin Design

Sputnik Modern Linear Semi Flush Mount

The two identical lighting fixtures in the hallway certainly standout for bringing in the industrial and vintage (yet currently, super on-trend) vibes. This one truly gives you the LFL -- it similarly has 6 bulbs, a semi-flush mount, and a black finish. 


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