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11 Ways To Help Your Children Expel Extra Energy

Use these 11 ideas to help your children channel their excess energy in a fun and healthy way that adds meaning to their lives!

When kids behave badly or act out, sometimes the culprit is that they simply have too much energy. However, finding a healthy way to redirect that energy can lead to better behaved children who are happier because they have an outlet in which to channel their enthusiasm. That said, when that outlet doesn’t exist that energy keeps building until someone gets hurt. Yet that’s exactly what happened on this episode of “Nanny 911,” where three rambunctious brothers wrestle all over the house. Of course, this can only end in tears. Let’s just say this is one clip you’ll have to see to believe. 

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Unlike the family in this video, not every child with energy is going to resort to wrestling and violence. That said, most children do have pent up energy and deserve a chance to express it in a healthy manner. With colder weather quickly approaching, it’s more important than ever to ensure your child has a chance to be active before they are stuck inside. Making an effort to provide your kids with meaningful activities should lead to your children feeling happier and more fulfilled, which can only serve to boost your mood, too! Consider these 11 activities as a safe way for your child to have fun and expel energy.  

After School Activities:

While activities vary between educational establishments and school districts, most schools offer additional programming after the school bell rings to make your student’s day more interesting or provide extended childcare for working parents. These may include enrichment classes, club meetings, tutoring, or extra supervised playtime on the playground. If your child is bursting with energy when he comes home from school, consider enrolling him in an after school activity that will let him have fun and mellow out when it is time to go home. With back-to-school season upon us, make sure to check your school’s offerings as soon as possible!

Outdoor Sports:

Your energetic child may be a talented athlete! Their energy could become the winning spark they need on the playing field or court. Consider signing your child up for sports in your community. These may be offered through local schools, little league teams, or separate organizations entirely. Popular sports for young ones often include soccer, baseball, basketball, swimming, track and field, and football. Even if your child isn’t meant to be a professional athlete, they are sure to make friends, get exercise, learn strategy and sportsmanship skills, and burn excess energy. They can play different sports each season so they can try a variety of games and see what they like best. 

Indoor Sports: 

With the weather getting colder, outdoor sports may be going on a hiatus. However, there are still plenty of sports your child can play to stay active indoors. For example, your child may love to take ice skating or ice hockey lessons, dance classes, or indoor volleyball. Many parents opt to enroll their kids in martial arts classes, which take place inside dojos or studios, because it burns excess energy while also teaching valuable skills that help children learn self control and set obtainable goals. Plus, it’s never a bad idea to teach kids self defense tools to protect themselves if there is ever an emergency. 

Carpool Time: 

Working parents have relied on carpools to transport kids to and from school for generations. However, having a carpool also has other benefits besides just being convenient for busy parents. Carpools give children more time to interact and play with their peers, especially if the carpool includes playdates at a designated, supervised location while the other parents are still at work. But regardless, even that extra interaction on the car ride is another chance for kids to have fun and work off some excitement. 

Animal Therapy:

Kids are naturally energetic, but some learning, mental, and physical disabilities can make it extra hard for some children to practice self control and calm down. While behavioral therapy is always available to provide support and education, you may want to consider trying animal therapy. Animal therapy, such as therapeutic horseback riding, allows children to interact with animals while also learning valuable behavioral skills and how to overcome their disability if they have one. While behavioral therapists are great at helping their patients achieve lasting results, something about adding in the animals takes the therapy to a new level. Sometimes the animals can silently communicate to children and provide support in a way people can’t. Depending on where you live, therapeutic programs may be available with horses, dogs, or even dolphins! 

Theater Classes:

If there is ever a right time for kids to be loud, bold, and energetic, it’s on stage! Consider enrolling your child in a local community theater program. Let him channel his energy into bringing characters to life and performing in local shows. Even if your child doesn’t have plans to become a professional actor, acting in these plays will help them make friends, boost confidence, and enhance public speaking abilities. If your child is particularly shy, she may enjoy working and learning new skills behind the scenes as a member of the technical crew at your local theater.  

Music Classes: 

If your child is bored and restless, she may not have enough to do, needs a challenge, or needs more mental stimulation. Whatever the reason, signing your child up for music classes could give your child something productive to do that combats boredom. Music has been shown to help childrens’ development by improving motor skills, literacy skills, and language skills. Plus, they’ll have opportunities later in their educational career to participate in bands or choirs through school music programs, and could even earn a music scholarship to attend a top university one day! 

Family Game Nights:

Instead of getting irritated with energetic children who are bored from being stuck inside during the cold Winter months, find fun activities you can do as a family. Many families like to play boardgames together and will even designate a weekly game night. It’s a great way to make the time pass quickly, as well as encourage familial bonding, teach good sportsmanship, and help develop problem solving skills. Plus, it’s fun and sure to end with lots of laughs! 


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Arts & Crafts: 

Energy is not something that goes away. Instead, it can only be redirected to change form. If your child is going stir crazy, arts & crafts are a great way to keep your child busy in a meaningful way and encourage creativity. Plus, drawing and coloring have been shown to promote relaxation and mindfulness, as well as decrease feelings of anxiety. You can do projects as a team or individually. As long as you have an active imagination, there will always be a new art project ready to keep your child happy and entertained!

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Tulip One-Step Tie-Dye Kit

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Activity Boxes: 

Consider signing your child up for a fun subscription box. Subscriptions for all kinds of interest exist, so you are sure to find something your child will love. Having a monthly subscription gives your child something to always look forward to, and will bring something exciting with every delivery so your son or daughter will always have something new to entertain them. Some boxes even include child friendly activities to promote learning and fun! 

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Child-Friendly Video Games:  

Our world is packed with technology, and that includes the latest and greatest gaming technologies. While there is always a debate on if kids should be allowed to play video games, we believe they can be a fun way to entertain your child when used with proper supervision and limitations in place. Video games have been shown to promote socialization between kids, improve coordination and motor skills, enhance problem solving abilities, and give children a chance to practice leadership.While your child should still spend time with friends, focusing on family, playing outside, and doing other meaningful activities, age-appropriate video games can be occasionally used to combat boredom and buy busy parents time to complete tasks. There is a large range of video games out there that are quite wholesome, including dance party games, exercise games, and games with popular characters from children’s television

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