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From Martha's Garden

Martha Stewart Provides Expert Guidance For Seed Starting Success

Having a key foundation in place is important for growing a healthy, beautiful garden. Martha Stewart provides tips and tricks for seed starting that will encourage your plants to thrive.

The first step to growing your own garden is sowing your seeds. But if you don’t follow the correct procedures while planting, you may find yourself disappointed when your plants don’t grow into the beautiful garden you envisioned. Luckily, Martha Stewart is an expert in gardening, and has all the tips and tricks you need for growing healthy plants and creating a lush garden. On this episode of “From Martha’s Garden,” Martha shows the step-by-step process to properly sow your seeds. 

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We love how easy and simple Martha’s seed starting tips are to follow. To recap the video, the first step is to prepare a seed starting pot with a sterile mixture specifically designed to promote seed growth. Lightly sprinkle the seeds onto the soil before labeling the pot with the date of planting and the full name of the plant. Lastly, Martha recommends covering the seeds with a sterile sand mixture. This holds the seeds in place and protects the seeds when you water. As a reminder, Martha recommends watering the seeds with a light mist until the plants start to grow. 

There are other tips you may want to consider while planting, and there may be specific guidelines available for you to follow depending on what plant or flower you are growing. For example, soil temperature could determine if your plants thrive or not. This is why you may notice that some seed packets provide instructions that tell you to plant a certain length of time before or after any possible chances of frost or other extreme weather occurrences. However, seeds can be started indoors and out, and owning a greenhouse may allow you to manipulate the temperature so you don’t have to worry about weather conditions. 

When your plants are ready to be transplanted from their starting pot to your garden, make sure to handle the transfer with care so your plants will continue to thrive. Always check the soil in your chosen location to make sure your plant will have the correct amounts of soil, water, and sunlight. In addition, sometimes it is helpful to mix in compost or garden soil, especially if you don’t have a flower bed already prepared. Once your plant is happy in its new home, you can reuse its starting pot to grow a new plant, or turn it into a DIY Spring decor project!

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