Martha and bamboo teepee
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Martha Stewart Demonstrates The Simplest Way To Make A Garden Teepee!

Learn how to easily make a bamboo teepee and why doing so will benefit your garden in numerous ways!

When it’s time to upgrade your garden, let Martha Stewart be your ultimate source for inspiration! On this episode of “The Martha Stewart Show,” Martha demonstrates how quick and easy it is to assemble a bamboo teepee for your garden. All you need are a few bamboo poles, a hemp rope with built-in wire that acts as a giant twist tie, and some friends or family members who are willing to get their hands dirty and have a good time. Not only is a bamboo teepee an extremely versatile tool, but it is also environmentally friendly, easy to maintain, and adds height and depth to your garden. Watch the step-by-step process in the below clip! 

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Now that you’ve watched the above clip, you may like the idea of utilizing garden teepees but may not be sure what to use them for. Since these teepees are extremely versatile, they can grow almost anything! Martha states she uses 3-legged teepees to grow tomatoes in her garden at home. However, you can also grow a variety of other vegetables, such as cucumbers, peas, and beans. These veggies benefit from growing on a sturdy support system, and will be at a convenient height when it’s time to harvest. If you decide you want to grow your veggies at a different place each year, all you have to do is pick up the teepee and move it to the new location. If you are trying to add more beauty to your garden, you can also use plants and vines to create a flowery teepee trellis. Flowers like morning glory and clematis look particularly stunning on garden teepees! 

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