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Jamie Oliver’s Best Christmas Recipes!

Plan your menu for Christmas dinner with our favorite holiday recipes from Chef Jamie Oliver!

If you are a fan of Jamie Oliver’s 15 Minute Meals or Jamie Oliver’s 30 Minute Meals, you already know that Jamie’s recipes are some of the best of the best! Now, you can plan your entire Christmas dinner using Jamie’s Oliver’s best Christmas recipes! Whether you are stumped on what to serve this year or simply want to do something different, Jamie’s recipes are sure to delight you and your guests. While these recipes will take a bit longer to cook, the flavorful and festive end results are worth every second! Keep reading to learn how to make Jamie’s holiday ham, Christmas potatoes, and panettone pie for dessert! 

The Main Course: 

Make Jamie Oliver’s delicious ham to serve as your main course during Christmas dinner! Jamie walks us through the step-by-step directions for crafting the perfect seasoning with ingredients like bay leaves, cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, garlic, and thyme. Jamie’s secret ingredient is pungent and fiery chiles that give the ham a nice kick to complement its natural sweetness. Once the seasoning is ready, Jamie demonstrates how to apply it to the ham and make the perfect glaze to provide the desired sweetness and texture. The finished ham is juicy, tender, and flavorful! 

The Perfect Side Dish: 

We can’t think of a more perfect side dish to complement a delicious ham than Jamie’s Christmas potatoes! Chef Jamie Oliver kindly gives away his secrets for making the perfect roasted potatoes. First, the key to any roast potato dish is making the potatoes correctly. No matter how good the gravy is or what seasoning is used, the dish won’t be memorable unless the potatoes themselves are cooked perfectly. Luckily, Jamie shows us how to do just that!  

Another culinary secret that Jamie gives away is that the best way to cook the potatoes is in the fat that comes off the Christmas bird. While you could use olive oil or butter, the best flavor comes from nectar, which is a mixture of turkey and goose fat. Then, add in rosemary and garlic for the ultimate deliciousness! 

The Delicious Dessert: 

No Christmas meal is complete without something sweet for dessert! Jamie Oliver demonstrates how to make the perfect panettone pie, which can best be described as a new twist on bread and butter pudding. The finished result has a slightly airy texture and a rich, buttery taste. The inside is filled with spongy custard, while the outside is crispy or caramelized. It’s chewy like a fresh loaf of bread yet sweet and fruity like a holiday fruitcake. Get Jamie Oliver’s easy and delicious recipe in the above video! 

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