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Learn How To Make Jamie Oliver’s Pork Medallions In Under 15 Minutes!

Jamie Oliver’s pork medallions are the perfect meat option for even the most novice chef to impress their friends and family with their cooking skills!

Meat eaters rejoice! Chef Jamie Oliver has another great recipe just for you! These delicious pork medallions are cut from pork tenderloin, which is a long, thin cut of meat. Once cooked, the mini pork filets are lean, mild, tender, and oh so juicy! If you’re looking for a new entrée to serve at your Spring gatherings or want to have something different up your sleeve when the Summer BBQ season begins, this is the perfect Jamie Oliver recipe for you! 

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As we watched Jamie Oliver demonstrate his quick and easy recipe, we felt our mouths watering! It’s hard to believe that such a delicious, gourmet meal can be prepared in just 15 minutes! But the most surprising part of this Jamie Oliver recipe to us is that the secret ingredient is feta cheese! We would have never thought to use feta cheese to season meat before, but Jamie Oliver’s recipe has blown our minds! 

You may have also seen this simple recipe recreated with steak or chicken in the past. But we want to encourage you to give chef Jamie Oliver’s pork medallions a chance before you opt for more popular kinds of meat. Pork often gets a bad reputation for being dirty or unhealthy, but in reality, pork is a good source of protein, zinc, iron, and essential vitamins like Vitamin C and Vitamin B-12. According to Web MD, there are many health benefits associated with eating lean cuts of pork, which includes Jamie Oliver’s pork medallions! 

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