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Jamie Oliver Creates a Vegetarian Chili in 15 Minutes

Jamie Oliver proves you don’t need meat or more than 15 minutes to create a delicious chili dish

Chef Jamie Oliver is known for his approachable, quick and easy recipes, and this flavorful vegetarian chili that he whips up in less than 15 minutes is a perfect example of how you can create all the flavors of a usually meat-y dish in a lighter package. Check out how he works his kitchen magic below:

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The key to achieving this recipe in under 15 minutes is to have all of your ingredients ready to go. And though he is a trained and successful chef, Jamie Oliver does not shy away from using a few shortcuts, like a food processor and cooked rice, to get the family fed in a speedy way. 

Load up your food processor with red onion, half a red chili, an ancho chili, smoked paprika and some cumin seeds for that chili flavor profile. If you want it a bit spicier, throw in the whole red chili. Smash up two cloves of garlic, rip off the stems of some cilantro and, yes, throw those stems into the food processor, as well. There is loads of pungent and strong flavor in those stems, and we don’t want that going to waste. Don’t just turn on the food processor now - in true Jamie Oliver fashion, whazz it up and let the machine do the dirty work for you. 

Start heating up a pan with a drizzle of olive oil, and empty out the blended ingredients from the food processor straight into the pan. Roughly chop up some green and yellow bell peppers, and toss those into the pan, as well. 

Don’t forget the beans now - empty out a can of black beans and chickpeas, getting rid of that starchy, excess water. Empty those into the pan, and follow up with 750ml of tomato puree (or as Jamie Oliver likes to call it passata). Season to taste with salt and pepper, and let it cook on high for about 8 minutes to let the ingredients come together as a beautiful vegetarian chili. 

Top off with some cooked wild rice, the cilantro leaves and some optional yogurt or sour cream, and you are officially done! 

Jamie Oliver always has a few kitchen shortcuts and tricks up his sleeve. Our editors have chosen a few tools to help you get to the finish line a bit faster below. 


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