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How Does Jamie Oliver Cook a Full Meal in Under 15 Minutes?

We dive into some of the shortcuts and hacks acclaimed chef Jamie Oliver uses to deliver a meal from kitchen to table in under 15 minutes!

Jamie Oliver, star of some of our favorite cooking shows Jamie’s 15 Minute Meals and Jamie’s 30 Minute Meals, whips up gourmet plates in record time, all while making it look so easy. While the idea of cooking up a whole steak meal (which is also beautifully plated) or even a tapas plate even under an hour seems like a monumental task, Jamie Oliver makes it happen with his smart use of kitchen gadgets and appliances. A “purist” chef may scoff at the idea of using anything other than a knife to chop up lettuce, we appreciate Jamie’s view that real people don’t have the time and luxury in between work, family and other duties to cook like a restaurant chef! 

Check out one of his 15 minute masterpieces below!

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Do you also need to cook dinner in a pinch? Inspired by Jamie Oliver, we’ve gathered some kitchen hacks and gadgets (or sous-chefs) below so you can also try to cook a meal in 15 minutes!

Water Boiler

When a pasta package states that the noodles will cook in 10-11 minutes for an al dente texture, let’s be real - that does NOT account for how long you’re standing around waiting for the water to boil. Depending on the type of burner you have (gas or electric) and altitude of your kitchen, it can take more than 10 minutes for water to reach a boiling point. This means kissing a 15 minute meal goodbye! Jamie Oliver has solved this problem by hitting the switch on an electric kettle right as he starts cooking, which will boil water in around 4 minutes! 

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Food Processor

Most cooking time is consumed by chopping up ingredients like lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic…the list goes on! While Jamie Oliver enjoys the beauty of a rough chop, sometimes he needs a finer chop or dice for his recipes, and very often employs the help of a food processor! Depending on the blade insert, you can dice, slice or grind up your ingredients in a few seconds, saving you precious time and helping you cook a meal in under 15 minutes! 

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We’d consider Jamie Oliver a master of purees and sauces, and he is often seen using a blender to achieve his desired sauce consistency in the blink of an eye! Not only are blenders useful for being quick, but there are multiple speed settings which you can control for various sauces. And not to mention the WAY easier clean up! 

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A Good Knife

The key to fast AND safe cooking in the kitchen is to have a sharp knife! While this may seem counter intuitive, a sharp knife is WAY safer than a blunt knife, as a blunt knife can contribute to slipping blades, which can result in injuries in the kitchen. 

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The last step of cooking is plating, and Jamie has always got a great trick up his sleeve to showcase his world class recipes in appetizing ways. We personally love his ingenious use of wooden cutting boards to show off his creations. We especially love this idea as it reduces unnecessary extra dishes. Less replating to a dish and less clean up time means more time to actually enjoy the meal! 

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