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Our Favorite Christmas Recipes From Chef Gordon Ramsay

Use Gordon Ramsay’s best Christmas recipes to cook a holiday meal your guests will never forget!

If you’re looking for advice on how to make the perfect Christmas meal, we can’t think of anyone better to ask than an accomplished chef like Gordon Ramsay! Whether you are looking for inspiration for what to cook or need tips to take your favorite sides to the next level, Gordon Ramsay’s got you covered. Check out our favorite holiday recipes from Chef Ramsay that will keep your taste buds happy and your belly full from morning until night on Christmas Day! 


Eggs Benedict With Parma Ham: 

Gordon Ramsay’s Eggs Benedict with Parma Ham is a stunning dish that the chef and his family enjoy at least once every holiday season! Now, you can prepare this breakfast for Christmas morning to mark the special occasion. Gordon Ramsay explains that the key to making a good eggs benedict is in the hollandaise. Thankfully, Gordon demonstrates exactly how to make the perfect hollandaise, as well as the rest of the dish, using steps you can easily replicate in your own kitchen! 

Scrambled Eggs and Salmon:

Gordon Ramsay and his family have a tradition of starting Christmas morning with a late breakfast consisting of creamy scrambled eggs and smoked salmon. They are always served with a side of toasted croissants. This recipe is incredibly easy to make as long as you plan your timing correctly! Start with the croissants, then move on to the smoked salmon. You’ll make the scrambled eggs last! 

Spicy Mexican Eggs:

One of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite holiday breakfasts is Spicy Mexican Eggs! This classic Mexican brunch dish is packed with bold, outstanding flavors and the perfect amount of spice to give your day the boost it needs. It includes ingredients like chili, garlic, tomatoes, black beans, cheese, olive oil, and more! All of these delicious ingredients are used to make an authentic Mexican paste. Then, the paste is placed into a tortilla-lined pan that has been pre-seasoned with olive oil and spices. Next, the eggs are added in with a generous helping of cheese. And a dish with this much spice and cheese sounds like a dream come true for our taste buds! 


Dumpling Stew:

Have you ever tasted dumpling stew before? We think the recipe demonstrated by Gordon Ramsay and his daughter Tilly looks so good it should be the star of your Christmas dinner! Gordon Ramsay gives his best tips for making a delicious beef stew! For example, the order in which the ingredients are added to the pot matters and they all need to be around the same size to mitigate the risk of burning. And we never would have guessed that beer could be used to perfectly tenderize beef! 

Beef Wellington:

In the words of Gordon Ramsay, this Christmas Beef Wellington “is the ultimate indulgence” and the perfect special occasion dish to spoil your friends and family. Beef Wellington is best described as thick, juicy beef tenderloin and prosciutto all wrapped in a pastry shell. But with Gordon Ramsay’s special touches, such as including a sprinkling of chestnuts and adding texture to the pastry shell, this dish becomes pure heaven! 


Polenta Cakes:

As Gordon Ramsay says, “Polenta is to Italians what mashed potatoes is to Britians: A staple.” It’s made from cornmeal porridge and is quick and easy to make, but you’d never know it from the brilliant taste. By serving the polenta with creamy goat’s curd and tomatoes and presenting it nicely on a serving tray, this simple food effortlessly transforms into a show-off side dish or fancy brunch item to impress visiting friends and family. 

Holiday Potatoes:

Since potatoes have always been a popular holiday side dish, your potatoes need to be extraordinary if you want them to be memorable for your guests. Luckily, Gordon Ramsay’s holiday potatoes have a special twist in that this dish combines two popular potato recipes into one! He calls them “Twice Baked Bubble & Squeak Jacket Potatoes.” 


Gordon Ramsay’s stuffing isn’t your average stuffing dish. Gordon whips up an exquisite pork, apricot, and pistachio stuffing that you can actually prepare the day before Christmas to save time on the holiday. As Gordon Ramsay says, this stuffing is “easy to do, looks a million dollars, and tastes absolutely delicious.” 

The chef takes a “less is more” approach when cooking his Christmas stuffing. Therefore, this recipe is actually quite simple. He uses the minimum amount of ingredients to achieve the perfect texture, flavor, and color. In addition, Chef Ramsay opts to not cook his stuffing in the Christmas turkey because it allows him to prepare it in advance and have more control over perfecting the presentation and flavor. 


Banana Tarte Tatin:  

Part of the fun of Christmas is sharing traditions with family members. In the above clip, Gordon passes down his Banana Tarte Tatin recipe to his daughter. Chef Ramsay shows his daughter (and chefs watching from home) his process for making this banana dessert, including caramelizing the bananas, properly handling puff pastry, and flipping the finished pastry from the pan to the plate without dropping it! Replicate the recipe at home to have a unique and tasty dessert to serve at Christmas dinner! 

Pear Tart:

Pear Tarts are a delicious and hearty dessert to enjoy around the holidays, if only because pears are strongly associated with Christmas! Gordon Ramsay gives his tips for how to prevent pears from going too soft when exposed to the heat of the oven and using egg yolk to prevent the pears from moving around when they’re supposed to be stationary on the pastry crust. He also shows how icing sugar is used to glaze the pear tart and enhances this dessert’s presentation. This delicious pear tart takes less than an hour to make, but will stick out in your guests’ minds forever! 

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