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Learn How to Make Gazpacho Like a Celebrity Chef

Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsay shows viewers how to recreate his famous and delicious gazpacho recipe from the comfort of their own kitchens!

Gordon Ramsay is famous worldwide for his culinary excellence. For many of us, dining in one of the restaurants owned by Gordon Ramsay is a top priority on our bucket lists. But when you can’t get to one of Chef Ramsay’s restaurants, or simply want to relive the delicious experience, you can now recreate Gordon’s recipes in your own kitchen! Gordon Ramsay is showing you how to make his favorite recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner all from the comfort of your own home. On this episode of “Ultimate Home Cooking,” Gordon walks viewers through the process of making the perfect gazpacho dish, a delicious cold soup made from raw, blended vegetables. 

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Gazpacho is one of Gordon Ramsay’s favorite lunch dishes because it is both healthy and  delicious. In addition to being a cool and refreshing meal for the upcoming warmer months, gazpacho is also packed full of vitamins and nutrients. According to Chef Ramsay, “the secret of a great gazpacho is overripe tomatoes.” However, the delicious flavor comes at least in part from the other ingredients as well, such as peppers, cucumber, garlic, and other seasonings. Plus, the longer you let the gazpacho marinate, the better it will taste! This means gazpacho is a great recipe to meal prep, where you start cooking the night before and eat it the next day after the soup has marinated overnight. 

When you serve gazpacho at your next dinner party, you can also impress your friends and family with your extensive knowledge on the history of the dish. When you are asked why gazpacho is served chilled instead of hot, you can reply that this is how gazpacho is eaten where it was first originated in Andalusia, which is located in the Iberian Peninsula in Spain. The soup is so tasty, that the love for gazpacho quickly spread around Spain and into Portugal. Traditionally, gazpacho is eaten during the Summer months throughout Spain and Portugal, as the coolness of the soup is refreshing during the intense heat this region experiences. 

So, not only have you learned how to cook gazpacho like a celebrity chef, you have also learned the interesting history behind the meal for when you serve it! Keep an eye out for more delicious recipes from Gordon Ramsay on “Ultimate Home Cooking” that are sure to bring a new spark and unbelievable deliciousness to your dinner table. 

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