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Learn Gordon Ramsay’s Secret For Making The Perfect Caesar Salad!

Gordon Ramsay adds some special tweaks to take his classic caesar salad recipe to the next level!

Caesar Salad is an iconic dish that has been widely enjoyed and loved by Americans for almost a century. But despite its widespread popularity, not every caesar salad is made equally. As caesar salads can function as both an appetizer and entrée, this versatile salad is usually on the menus of most restaurants and is a common choice to serve at dinner parties. With so much exposure to this popular salad, you’ve likely noticed that some caesar salads are phenomenal while others seem practically inedible. On this episode of “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking,” Chef Ramsay gives away his secret for how to make sure your caesar salad is perfect every single time! Check out the clip below to learn more! 

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Let’s break down the unique touches Gordon gives his caesar salad throughout every step of the process, starting with the dressing. While most of the ingredients in the dressing are what you’d expect, Gordon likes to add in a mixture of anchovies and crushed garlic. Not only does this combination boost the flavor, you will also be able to reap lots of health benefits from the garlic! Rather than using store bought croutons, Gordon also opts to make them himself using his grill, olive oil, and crunchy bread. Once the croutons start turning golden, Gordon sprinkles in a generous helping of parmesan cheese. We all know cheese makes everything better, but also taking the time to make fresh croutons will enhance the taste of the entire salad. Last but not least, Gordon takes his caesar salad to the next level by grilling chicken to go with it. Something about the combination of anchovies and garlic in the dressing and the smokiness of the chicken creates a flavor combination that is beyond amazing! 

As Gordon Ramsay explained, popular dishes like caesar salads need to be tweaked to keep them modern, relevant, and delicious. However, those tweaks shouldn’t take away what made the meal brilliant in the first place. Luckily for us, Gordon’s recipe is tried and true so we know using his tweaks will be sure to enhance our caesar salad the next time we make it! 

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