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Celebrate Your Next Special Occasion With Gordon Ramsay’s Grilled Lobster And Bloody Mary Linguine!

Gordon Ramsay’s go-to meal for his special occasion lunch is this outstanding grilled lobster served with Bloody Mary linguine.

Special occasions call for an exceptional meal to celebrate! There’s sure to be lots to celebrate in the coming months, so you need to start adding some outstanding meals to your arsenal of recipes to make these special occasions truly extraordinary. On this episode of “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking,” Chef Ramsay reveals his personal recipe for his favorite dish for special occasion lunches. He shows how to simply and easily make grilled lobster with chili and garlic butter to serve with fresh linguine in a savory Bloody Mary tomato sauce. Get Gordon’s recipe and the step-by-step instructions for making this fancy meal in the below video! 

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We love Gordon’s recipe because it’s such an extraordinary meal you’d never think you could easily make at home, but Gordon just proved it’s actually quite simple! We also love the use of the Bloody Mary flavors in the tomato sauce for the pasta. Many of us enjoy the salty, spicy, and savory qualities of the Bloody Mary beverage, so adding those flavors into a tomato sauce is a creative way to update and modernize a recipe as common as pasta sauce. That said, we also appreciated that Gordon’s sauce could be made without the vodka component if it’s being served to kids, or adults who choose not to consume alcohol. That way, everyone will be sure to enjoy this special dish! 

We also felt now was a great time to discuss planning your timing while cooking. When you are cooking for a special occasion, you typically have invited your guests to arrive at a specific time and will plan to serve lunch or dinner shortly thereafter. Therefore, you have to plan so you don’t finish cooking too early or too late. For this recipe, Gordon can give you a clue on how to plan your cooking schedule simply by how he cooks each component of the dish in order based on how it will maximize his efficiency in the kitchen. Note how he starts with the pasta sauce so the flavors have time to meld before moving onto the garlic and chili butter for the lobster. Then, Gordon applies the butter to the lobster and lets the dish chill and firm up in the fridge while he cooks the linguine. By the time the pasta is done, the lobster is firm enough and ready to be placed on the grill. The order Gordon chooses to cook ensures he can put together the whole meal as quickly as possible without wasting time waiting around. If you can do the same thing, you’ll likely find you enjoy cooking and hosting much more! 

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