Making Spicy Mexican Eggs
Gordon Ramsay host of Ultimate Home Cooking
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Boost Your Brunch With Gordon Ramsay’s Spicy Mexican Eggs!

Take your brunching skills to the next level with Chef Ramsay’s bold and flavorful spicy Mexican eggs!

Everyone’s had the classic American breakfast. You’ve probably heard of Continental Breakfasts and English breakfasts, even if you haven’t tried them. But, now it’s time to do something different with brunch. Break away from the norm and tantalize your taste buds with something bold and different. According to Gordon Ramsay, you won’t find a bolder brunch dish than these spicy Mexican eggs. This classic Mexican brunch dish is packed with outstanding flavors and the perfect amount of spice to give your day the boost it needs. Learn how to make spicy Mexican eggs Gordon’s way on this episode of “Gordon Ramsay’s Ultimate Home Cooking.” 

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We bet you’ve never had eggs quite like these! This Mexican dish truly has everything. There’s chili, garlic, tomatoes, black beans, cheese, olive oil, and more! All of these delicious ingredients are used to make an authentic Mexican paste. Then, the paste is placed into a tortilla-lined pan that has been pre-seasoned with olive oil and spices. Next, the eggs are added in with a generous helping of cheese. Gordon uses Montgomery cheddar for maximum flavor and adds in chili flakes as his “secret weapon.” The dish is then baked for 8-10 minutes and is ready to enjoy!

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