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View Shocking Bonus Footage From Gordon Ramsay’s Trip To Amy’s Baking Company!

The owners of Amy’s Baking Company suffer the consequences when they are too proud and defensive to accept the feedback from Chef Gordon Ramsay that could save their failing restaurant's plummeting reputation.

After watching this bonus footage from Chef Gordon Ramsay’s trip to Amy’s Baking Company, all we can say is “yikes!” Gordon Ramsay visits Amy’s Baking Company on this episode of “Kitchen Nightmares” to offer constructive feedback and guidance to improve the restaurant’s horrible reputation. But every time Gordon approaches Amy with questions or feedback, he’s met with her hostile attitude and rude comments that only leads to bickering. In fact, Amy is so defensive when receiving criticism that her own husband is scared to tell her Gordon’s feedback on the food because of her explosive reactions. The only way you can possibly grasp the intensity of Amy’s aggressive behavior is by seeing it for yourself in the below clip! 

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While Amy claims Chef Ramsay is constantly interrupting her, she’s really the one making the berating comments and rambling off so many excuses that Gordon can barely get a word in. Since she was unwilling to accept Gordon’s advice, it should be no surprise that Amy’s Baking Company was forced to shut its doors permanently after its episode first aired. After Amy’s bad behavior and the poor quality ingredients she used to prepare meals were put on full display, there was no redeeming the restaurant’s horrendous reputation in the eyes of the public. 

Although Amy’s Baking Company is an extreme example of a failure, Amy’s behavior reinforces the importance for us to create a positive working climate in our own establishments and businesses. Staff and managers should share mutual respect, where the staff feel appreciated and do good work because they believe in the company. But when Amy was in charge, her staff was deprived of the tips they rightfully deserved and were too scared of the combative owner to share feedback. In our own businesses we need to be accepting of constructive criticism to learn and grow. Businesses that can’t change or foster healthy communication will inevitably be left behind. And if you happen to be eating or working in a restaurant like Amy’s Baking Company, it’s best to abandon that sinking ship at your earliest opportunity. 

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