Top 5 Times Gordon couldn't stomach the food collage
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The Top 5 Times Gordon Ramsay Couldn't Keep The Food Down on Kitchen Nightmares

Take a trip down memory lane to revisit some of the worst, nausea-inducing restaurants Gordon Ramsay has visited on Kitchen Nightmares.

When restaurants end up on “Kitchen Nightmares,” it’s because they are in serious trouble. Something is significantly wrong with the food the restaurants serve or the establishments as a whole. Whatever the issue is, Chef Gordon Ramsay is now the only one who can save these restaurants before they reach the point of no return. Of course, part of that job means tasting some nasty food. We have no idea how Gordon can stomach some of the dishes he’s presented with, and sometimes he just can’t! With so many gag-worthy moments to choose from, we couldn’t resist compiling the 5 most epic meals that sent Gordon running for the bathroom. Check out some of Gordon’s most nauseating restaurant visits of all time in the below clips!

Greasy Shepherd’s Pie: 

While Finn McCool’s wanted to be a happy Irish themed family restaurant, the dysfunctional family dynamics make it everything but. The chef’s arrogance and cocky attitude shows in his horrible food, and his greasy shepherd’s pie sends a gagging Gordon Ramsay running for the bathroom. Gordon described the experience as if he was eating “a big ball of grease,” and we’re sure this shepherd’s pie tasted as vile as it looked!  

Maggot-Infested Food: 

Restaurants are supposed to be held to higher cleanliness standards to avoid making patrons sick from consuming contaminated food or meals prepared in unsanitary conditions, but it seems like the Secret Garden Restaurant missed the memo. After being disappointed with the food he sampled, Gordon Ramsay inspects the restaurant’s kitchen only to find it hasn’t been cleaned in forever. The food is so moldy and has been kept in the kitchen’s fridge for so long that even the refrigerator itself has started growing mold, which is a huge health hazard. But when Gordon finds live maggots squirming around in the food, he reaches his breaking point and has to rush to the bathroom to be physically sick. 

Unappetizing Chitlins: 

At this nightmarish restaurant, a delusional chef with a big ego makes soul food that is bland, dry, and frequently overcooked. After serving Gordon Ramsay two nasty dishes she was shocked he didn’t love, the chef thinks the third time will be the charm with her beloved chitlins dish. Unfortunately for her, Gordon found the chitlins to be smelly and disgusting. In fact, the chitlins dish was the worst of them all and sent him running to the bathroom to be sick! 

Sushi Pizza:

There are some foods that just shouldn’t be mixed, and unfortunately for this restaurant sushi and pizza is one combination that definitely doesn’t work. Sushi Ko’s owner was proud of his fusion sushi pizza, but even the staff say they wouldn’t recommend this dish to their worst enemy. As you can tell by his disgusted reaction, Gordon agrees with the staff that sushi pizza is rancid and vile! 

The Cold Seafood Crepe:  

This disgusting seafood crepe is nothing like the French crepes we know and love. As Gordon Ramsay remarks, it looks more like a slurpy pie! Unfortunately for this restaurant, this seafood crepe is just as inedible as it looks. While it’s hot in parts, most of the dish is stone cold and not suitable for eating. Gordon can’t even stand to swallow a single bite!

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