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Relive Gordon Ramsay’s Most Savage Moments On Kitchen Nightmares!

These are the top 6 times Gordon Ramsay had to take drastic measures to get his point across on “Kitchen Nightmares.”

If a restaurant finds itself starring in an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” you know it’s in serious trouble. Even so, many stubborn restaurant owners try to resist every small change Gordon Ramsay tries to put in place in order to save their establishments before it’s too late. Naturally, not being able to get his message across to restaurant owners that have asked for help is extremely frustrating to Chef Ramsay. In order to enact the necessary changes, Gordon sometimes has to take drastic measures to prove his point. Luckily for us, these savage moments are often highly entertaining to watch and we compiled Gordon’s 6 most extreme “teaching moments” below! 

Owner Forced To Work The Line:

Chef Ramsay knows you can’t solve a problem if you don’t actually understand what the issue is. To save this restaurant, Gordon decides to throw its inexperienced owner, named Lisa, into the deep end by forcing her into the kitchen to work the line during dinner service. Lisa is terrified of knives and very confused by her role in the kitchen but Gordon doesn’t care. Despite being completely out of her comfort zone, Lisa still starts to identify problematic behavior exhibited by her staff within just a couple hours of working the line, which was the intended result. 

Gordon Shuts Down Cafe Tavolini: 

Cafe Tavolini is falling apart because its owners, Keith and Lisa, just don’t seem to care enough about the business. Gordon decides the only way to save this restaurant is by using some major shock therapy. The next day when Keith and Lisa pull up to the restaurant, they find that it’s been boarded up with signs saying the restaurant is closed because it went out of business. Chef Ramsay can only hope that this will be enough of a wakeup call for Keith and Lisa to stop neglecting their business before it’s closed for good. 

Savagery Required To Declutter This Messy Restaurant: 

As a professional chef, Gordon Ramsay knows that cleanliness is equally as important as the quality of the food, if not more so. But at this cluttered restaurant, cleanliness is the opposite of what you’ll find. It’s hard to tell if Gordon is most shocked to find outdated furniture that hasn’t been cleaned in years, rat droppings everywhere, or a pair of crusty old shoes with an unknown owner that’s been under a booth for who knows how long. Gordon knows he has to do something drastic to make the restaurant’s owners understand how important it really is to properly clean out their establishment, and that’s exactly why he creates a mountain of trash and clutter outside their front doors. 

Gordon Disproves The “Yelp Conspiracy.” 

After paying a visit to the one of the most dysfunctional restaurants he’s ever seen, Gordon knows its owner Alan needs a wakeup call and fast. However, Alan incorrectly believes nothing is wrong with his restaurant and everytime he gets bad feedback in person or online he claims the competition is trying to get him and ruin his business. To put an end to this fictional “yelp conspiracy” that Alan so adamantly believes in, Gordon gathers real Yelp reviewers to meet with Alan and his staff in person in what essentially turns into the ultimate roast. It’s rather harsh, but Alan needs to learn to accept both reality and feedback. But while Alan grows more and more frustrated by the negative feedback, other staff members are falling asleep! 

Gordon Sets Restaurant Decor On Fire:

When we say this New Jersey Restaurant’s tropical theme wasn’t working, we mean it really wasn’t working. In fact, the tropical decor was likely working against the establishment. But with the restaurant’s stubborn owner so resistant to change, Gordon knows the only way to prevent the tropical decor from creeping back in is to burn it. Chef Ramsay involves the entire restaurant staff (whether they were willing or not) in bringing the old furniture, menus, and chatchkes outside and setting them on fire. 

Chef Mike Gets Thrown Out A Window:

This Greek restaurant is much too reliant on Chef Mike. No matter how hard he tries, Chef Mke will never be able to cook the high quality food this establishment is striving for. Therefore, Gordon sees no other option except to throw Chef Mike out a window. By the way, did we mention Chef Mike is the loving pet name the kitchen staff uses for their microwave? With Chef Mike smashed to bits, the kitchen staff will need to rely on their own culinary skill to cook up fresh meals from their new and improved menu. 

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