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Owner Claims His Thin Crust is The Best but Chef Ramsay Says Otherwise

An arrogant pizza-shop owner claims his pies can go up against any in the country yet Chef Ramsay disagrees.

The owner of Panetelone’s Restaurant in Denver, Colorado claims he has the best pizza in town. He actually goes as far as to say, “I put my pizza up against anybody in the country.” Has he ever actually tried New York pizza?! He makes quite the bold claims.

When Chef Gordon Ramsay pays his restaurant a visit, he is appalled at just how inaccurate he finds this owner’s statement to be. Check out this clip below to see Chef Ramsay’s reaction to Pete’s pizza and calzone.

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The calzone is over-stuffed, undercooked, and in the words of Chef Ramsay “hideous.” The “thin-crust” pizza is anything but thin, it’s full of grease, and part of the dough is still raw. 

Pete thinks Chef Ramsay hasn’t tasted “classic pizza” before, but from the looks of Pete’s, he needs to go back to the drawing board! 


Throughout our country, there are tons of places that truly do have a good reputation for delicious pizza. The best is subjective, but these types of pizzas are definitely ones to try if you get the chance!

Chicago-Style Pizza

You can’t mention Chicago without hearing about their deep-dish pizza. Their style of pizza is baked in a round pan, similar to a pie pan, and as the name implies, the pizza itself starts deep in the dish!

The dough is pushed along the bottom of the pie pan and up the sides, and is partially baked before the filling is added. Unlike most pizzas, the cheese is not on top of the pizza, but rather, baked beneath the toppings and then a layer of sauce. This is a pizza you’ll need a fork and knife to eat with.

New York Thin-Crust Pizza

New York is known for their pizza, and it’s the New York water that is often credited with making it taste so good! It’s hand-tossed thin-crust is crispy but still soft enough that you can fold it in half to eat the pizza. 

California-Style Pizza

If you prefer elevated pizza with toppings like truffle and prosciutto, California is where it’s at! Their pizza often comes as a personal size, and the crust is a mix of thin-crust from New York and the Italian Neapolitan style, of extremely thin crust consistent throughout an entire slice.

Detroit-Style Pizza

This pizza is rectangular in shape and the cheese bleeds all the way to the end of the slice! The originators of this style baked their pizza in square, blue steel automotive parts pans. It has a Sicilian-style focaccia-like dough and instead of mozzarella, this pizza uses a Wisconsin brick cheese that forms a crisp cheesy-crust around the perimeter.

New Haven-Style Pizza

Have you ever had apizza? That’s what they call it in New Haven, Connecticut, and the locals rave about their hometown pie. It’s a thin-crust pizza that is oblong in shape, and has a chewy texture. The cheese is limited here; so much so that customers have to ask to add mozzarella cheese as a topping if they want it. The traditional plain apizza has oregano, tomato sauce, and grated pecorino romano cheese. White clam pie is one of their most popular ones, so make sure to give it a try if ever in Connecticut.

So what's your favorite pizza style? 

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