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5 Times Chef Gordon Ramsay Actually Liked The Food On Kitchen Nightmares

Relive 5 moments from “Kitchen Nightmares” where Gordon Ramsay surprised everyone by actually enjoying the food!

Gordon Ramsay has gained quite the reputation for not holding back on the criticism when giving his honest feedback to chefs or restaurant employees. If a restaurant ends up on an episode of “Kitchen Nightmares,” you can confidently assume the food is going to be pretty terrible. Sometimes, it’s so nasty it even sends Chef Ramsay running for the bathroom

While it can be pretty hilarious to watch Gordon verbally destroy chefs on television, it must feel pretty horrible to be on the receiving end of Chef Ramsay’s harsh commentary. But sometimes, restaurants are able to redeem themselves with a dish that Gordon actually doesn’t hate. In fact, you could argue that he even enjoys it. We can only imagine how good it feels to get a genuine compliment from the chef who is famous for telling it like it is! Check out the 5 most monumental moments where Chef Gordon Ramsay actually liked the food on “Kitchen Nightmares.” 

1.) The Redemption Burger: 

The owners of The Burger Kitchen like to cut corners with cheap, frozen patties. Naturally, Gordon Ramsay wasn’t a fan of the burgers served at this establishment when he first arrived because he could taste the poor quality. Since Gordon’s arrival at The Burger Kitchen, the executive chef, named David, got to make Gordon a burger using his own recipe and a fresh patty. This is something David has never been allowed to do since starting his job at the restaurant. Much to David’s delight, Gordon loves his so-called “redemption burger” and says it’s like night and day from the disgusting burger he tried when he first arrived. 

2.) The Crab Cake at Cafe Hon: 

Gordon Ramsay is unimpressed by the food at Cafe Hon. He describes most of the meals he samples as disappointing, cold, soggy, and downright dreadful. But the crab cake in the Big Bay Club, which is essentially a tower of seafood, shows that this restaurant might not be all bad. Gordon said the crab cake portion of the sandwich was delicious and a very pleasant surprise. Even though that’s where the positive part of Gordon’s taste test ended, the crab cake was like a symbol of hope that Cafe Hon had the potential to improve. 

3.) Blackberry’s Red Velvet Cake:  

Blackberry’s is a restaurant that is plagued with a whole lot of soul food that seems to have misplaced its soul. Most of the food is dry and bland, and one of the dishes even made Gordon physically sick. That said, it sure seems like the staff saved the best for last. The red velvet cake Gordon was served for dessert was delicious. As Gordon says, “Finally, some good food! I had to wait until the end!” 

4.) Hot Potato Cafe:

Hot Potato Cafe has been plagued with dreadful food that can best be described as “spuddy hell.” Unfortunately, the problem is that the head chef is a 21-year-old woman, named Danielle, who has no formal culinary training and is only working as the chef out of obligation to her family. But with very little guidance from Chef Ramsay, Danielle is able to create a baked potato dish that impresses one of the world’s most famous chefs. In fact, Gordon Ramsay likes Danielle’s recipe so much he decides it should be added to the menu at Hot Potato Cafe that very night! 

5.) The Cake At Amy’s Baking Company: 

When Gordon Ramsay first arrives at Amy’s Baking Company, he’s impressed by the decor, the cleanliness of the kitchen, and how organized operations in the kitchen seemed to be. He also samples a delicious piece of cake that leaves Gordon with a positive impression of the restaurant. In fact, he questions how a restaurant with such delicious food and pleasant atmosphere could have even ended up on a show like “Kitchen Nightmares.” But after spending a few hours in Amy’s Baking Company, Gordon quickly realizes that his job there would be anything but a piece of cake. The drama and frustrations would only continue to build from there, making Gordon’s lovely piece of cake from his arrival a fond memory that almost didn’t seem possible. 

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