Shepherd's Pie
Emeril Lagasse
Presented By
The Essence of Emeril

Turkey Shepherd's Pie

A turkey shepherd's pie, perfect for those thinking outside the sandwich!

Who loves Thanksgiving leftovers? We certainly do, but we're looking to go beyond the typical turkey sandwich this year. Enter Emeril Lagasse and his delicious Turkey Shepherd's Pie! 

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What we love about this creative Thanksgiving leftover recipe is doesn't scream leftovers! This is a meal that is worthy of its own holiday with herbs like thyme and bay leaf, loads of vegetables, and of course, leftover turkey meat and mashed potatoes, which bake into a browned, crispy and crunchy crust. Top it off with cheese, and within 30 minutes or so, you have a completely new meal that will have your family wishing it was Thanksgiving every weekend! 

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