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Don’t Skip This Important Step The Next Time You Pot Plants!

Gardening Expert Danny Clarke jazzes up a depressing patio while giving helpful plant potting tips along the way!

Danny Clarke is always eager to turn a dreary patio into an uplifting garden, and he has a bright color scheme in mind to revitalize one couple’s depressing yard. On this episode of “The Instant Gardener,” Danny Clarke shows how adding a pop of color and new plants can completely change the feeling on this desolate patio. Along the way, hilarity ensues along with valuable education to ensure Danny’s gardening overhaul will last. Check out the clip below! 

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Did you catch the most important step in the above “The Instant Gardener” episode? Before Danny could even think about filling his new pots with soil and plants, he had to first drill a hole at the bottom of the pot. This is because the pot needs to have built-in drainage to avoid becoming waterlogged. When soil becomes too wet, it can actually prevent oxygen from reaching plant roots, which could cause your flowers or shrubbery to wilt or perish. In heavy rain, water that has nowhere to go could cause the soil to become liquidy and overflow, getting mud and dirt all over your nice patio. While the hole doesn’t need to be huge, it does need to be present and should be drilled around the middle of the pot’s bottom. Danny does this by using a 10 millimeter drill bit. 

However, the pot’s drainage hole only works if it’s not blocked. If Danny were to simply pour compost and soil into the pot, the newly drilled hole would be rendered ineffective because it would be covered by dirt. In order to ensure the new plant will have a working drainage system, Danny uses a bit of smashed pottery in order to protect the hole before proceeding with potting a new plant. You can use any old pottery, crockery, or ceramics that you’ve been meaning to get rid of for this purpose. Sometimes, smashing something can even be a fun or a therapeutic way to work off any pent-up rage or stress! 

Of course, always make sure to use power tools, including drills, with caution. Wear appropriate safety goggles and gloves when necessary, and don’t leave small children unattended with dangerous tools. When it comes time to smash old pottery, follow Danny Clarke’s tip of putting the object in a bag to protect yourself and anyone in the vicinity from flying shards. 

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