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Your Front Door Is the Key to Curb Appeal

Your front door gives an initial impression of your home so make sure it’s getting that curb appeal by following our affordable tips!

For homeowners looking to sell, you’ll find there are home improvements that can make a huge difference for your curb appeal. A beautiful and noticeable front door is one way to make a great first impression on potential buyers. The front door should reflect your entire home, so find a style that matches your own. 

First and foremost, make sure your door is clean! Wipe it down using a diluted dish soap or vinegar solution. Use Windex or a similar vinegar solution to clean any windows or glass your door may have. Using a wet rag, remove any dust or cobwebs that may surround the front door. Use metal polish on the knob and hardware. 

If you’re looking for an affordable option, a quick DIY paint job will make all the difference. There are the traditional shades of white or gray, but if you’re looking for a punch of color, we’ve got some suggestions. If the rest of your house’s exterior is white and a relatively simple design, try a bright-blue paint like this one from Sherman Williams. A classic cottage home with gray and white paint could really stand out with a bright red front door! And if you’re looking for a color to go with a natural wooden exterior, try teal. This will stand out nicely against the wooden background of your house.

Another affordable way to upgrade your front door is to install a new door handle. A shiny new doorknob or a unique handle could be the finishing touch your door needs. There are tons of options in varying finishes and price ranges. We think this gold one from Wayfair would look great against a matte black door. 

To give your home a modern look, you may need to swap out your door. Doors with glass cutouts create a clean and sleek look that stand out. We especially like ones that have tempered or tinted glass that still allows for light but also gives you privacy. This one by Knockety is a great example of that look.

Black and charcoal doors have been shown to increase your home’s value, so those are always a safe bet. Here are two of our favorites.

Luxury Exterior Iron Prehung Front Entry Doo

This modern looking door instantly elevates your home. The gray is currently sold out but will be back in stock in August. Until then, use this as inspiration!


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Therma-Tru BenchmarkTherma-Tru Benchmark

Fiberglass Door

This door fits with so many home styles and it’s got both the aesthetically pleasing black color with a window on top to add some interest to the look.


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