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This is Why You Need to DNA Test Your Dog Immediately

If you haven’t already conducted a DNA test on your dog, there are many reasons why you shouldn’t wait any longer. Here are the most important reasons, as well as our favorite DNA tests that you can conduct in your own home.

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As humans, it’s only natural to want to know where we come from. It’s why many of us spend hours listening to the stories of our past relatives' lives, and doing our own research on websites, such as To date, more than 26 million people have taken at home DNA tests to learn more about where they come from. But now, your dog can join in on the fun with DNA tests specifically designed to tell you where your dog is from and what breeds combined to form your furry friend. 

While it’s incredibly fun to learn about your dog, DNA testing your pup is so much more than simply solving the mystery of what breed or breeds your fur baby comes from. Depending on which kit you use, you will also learn what percentage of each breed is present in your dog. As a random example, your dog’s mix might be 50% Labrador Retriever, 20% West Highland Terrier, and 30% Beagle. DNA testing may shed light on personality traits common to your pups breed or breeds. These insights may be very useful to training your dog effectively. 

If you have a puppy, you may also get a better idea on how big your dog will be when he grows up. If you are looking to bring home a new puppy and are looking for a dog with similar personality traits as your existing pet, DNA testing will advise you on which breeds to look out for. Your dog’s results will provide the perfect baseline for you to get to know your dog, and will provide you with a starting point to do additional research about the history behind your dog’s breed. 

Most importantly, knowing your dog’s breed or breeds can help you prolong his life. By knowing your dog’s breed or key breeds, you can gain an understanding of potential health problems common to those breeds. You can use this information to take preventative measures, such as changes to your dog’s lifestyle or diet, that will help stop unwanted health conditions in their tracks. 

If you are ready to DNA test your dog, don’t wait. The sooner you know your dog’s past, the sooner you and your pup can reap the benefits in your daily lives. All you have to do is take a painless cheek swab from your dog, mail it to your chosen vendor, and wait for the results to come in! Take a look at some of our favorite dog DNA testing kits on the market.  


Dog DNA Test and Breed & Health Kit

Embark is one of the highest rated Dog DNA and health tests on Amazon, as it screens for over 350 dog breeds, types, and varieties. Using a research-grade genotyping platform developed in partnership with Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine, Embark offers the most accurate breed breakdown on the market. In addition to learning about your dog’s breeds, you will also receive valuable information that will help you prevent the onset of possible genetic diseases, as well as common diseases that impact dogs during their adulthood. You will also learn about your dog’s relatives, no matter if they are close relatives or distant. All this detailed information is sent to you within 2-4 weeks of turning in your dog’s cheek swab. 

$159 on Amazon

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Dog DNA Test and Breed & Health Kit - Pack of 2

Receive double the benefits of the Embark Dog DNA Breed and Health Tests with this Embark 2 pack! If you have 2 dogs, buying a 2 pack is the perfect opportunity to DNA test both your dogs at the same time. No one will be left out of the fun, and you can trust that the results you receive come from veterinary experts. 

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Wisdom HealthWisdom Health

Wisdom Health Essential Panel

The Essential Panel from Wisdom Health has been used to test over 2 million dogs, and is currently the world’s largest database for data from dog DNA testing. Wisdom Health believes that every dog has a story, and this DNA test is used to understand the history and traits that make your dog extraordinary. The Wisdom Health Panel tests for more than 350 breeds and varieties, more than 25 medical conditions for which your dog may be genetically predisposed, possible drug sensitivities, and more than 35 different traits. All you have to do is send your dog’s cheek swab to the Wisdom Health lab using the prepaid shipping that comes with your purchase, and wait 2-4 weeks for the results to come in. 

$100 on Amazon

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Wisdom HealthWisdom Health

Wisdom Health Premium Panel

The Wisdom Health Premium panel for DNA testing and health screening has all the benefits of the Wisdom Health Essential Panel, and then some! You will learn detailed information about your dog’s breed, genetic composition, and will even be able to trace your dog’s ancestry back by 3 generations to your pup’s great grandparents. When you purchase the premium kit, you are also eligible to schedule a free phone call with a licensed veterinarian to discuss your pet’s results, which is a great idea if any notable health findings are identified. 

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Dna My DogDna My Dog

Dna My Dog - Canine Breed Identification Test Kit

The Dna My Dog breed identification kit is easy to use, and perfect for in home testing. It is one of the more affordable Dna tests on the market, but is still highly rated and typically delivers results to owners in 2 weeks or less. Your results will come with a detailed report on all the breeds found in your dog’s DNA broken down by percentage, a custom DNA analysis certificate that is unique to your dog, and an outline of possible traits and health conditions to look out for based on your dog’s DNA. 

$69 on Amazon

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Orivet Dog DNA Test

The Orivet Dog DNA test is special when compared with other dog DNA tests on the market. Not only does the Orivet test include the breeds that make up your dog, it also includes a wellness plan to ensure your dog lives the best and longest life. The results include a detailed breakdown of your dog’s breed broken down by percentages, as well as a personalized life plan that is based on your dog’s unique breeds, weight, height, gender, geographic location, and lifestyle. This can be an especially fun test to use for puppies, as it will provide insights to how big they may be as adults and the personality traits they are likely to exhibit when they mature. Plus, you can use the Orivet DNA test risk free, as there is a satisfaction guarantee that ensures you will receive a full refund if you are not satisfied.

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