Declutter Week 2
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Why It’s OK to Say Goodbye To Sentimental Items

Detach yourself from the sentiments attached to certain items, and get one step closer to a clutter-free life.

Let’s face it - decluttering is a big challenge. Often, you need to let go of items that have memories associated with them that evoke particular emotions.  This may be why people often  put it off for so long - it can be difficult to say goodbye to that cup, vase, or shirt that was a gift to you from a loved one. 

However, remember that the space in your home is finite. A surprising amount of Americans have so much stuff that they need to rent storage space - a HUGE cost to maintain month-to-month. And let’s be real - that box of old cups and plates in your storage unit 5 miles away? You’re never going to use it. 

So how do you say goodbye to items that have sentimental value attached to them? First, realize that you are the only person who has the power to say ‘yay’ or ‘nay’ to an item. Sit down, go through the memories attached and cherish them. If the item does not provide any monetary value or use, then you can probably let it go. If you’re truly having a hard time, pass it down to next of kin or donate to someone who truly needs it. Remember, memories and moments live with you, and not with the item! 

Without those extra, unneeded items around,  you can say hello to a less-cluttered life. Make it your goal to end your lease on that expensive storage unit, and use the money saved for an experience that will create new memories!

So where to start? We have some ideas for you. 

Declutter Week 2

VHS Tapes

Unless a family memory is on those tapes, it’s probably a good idea to offload a few of these. We often see these at old pawn shops, libraries or vintage stores - they will gladly take them off your hands. In addition, many of your favorite movies may be on your favorite streaming service by now, like Paramount+. And while you’re at it...why not consider offloading your VHS player? Additionally, you can bring you VHS tapes to places like Walmart or Costco, and they can convert them to digital files. 


Do you really need that old t-shirt from your travels? The one with the stains and holes in it ? Simply throw away, or if you think it’s stylish enough, hand them off to your local used clothing store for the next person to enjoy! If you have enough, we’ll make an exception to the toss pile and allow you to send them to a company like Project Repeat which turns old t-shirts into a large quilt!

Greeting Cards

The epitome of having sentimental value, maybe you can’t toss ‘em all. However, if you hold onto every birthday card you’ve ever been given, it may be time to narrow down the pack. If there is no handwritten message, or it’s not from someone now deceased, read it once more, and then say goodbye. Better yet, take that one you can’t get rid of, and repurpose it as a bookmark if you’re a reader (simply cut it down to fit within a book). There’s always next year, when you’ll receive a fresh batch of new cards to display! 

Coffee Mugs

If you’re a big fan of coffee and wear it on your sleeve, most likely your thoughtful friends have gifted you a mug or two. The problem is that while these mugs are great, you can really only drink one cup at a time. And coffee mugs are HUGE - they are usually tall, and the handles take up precious real estate in your cupboards. This may be a painful one, but it’s time to offload a mug or two today. Having trouble? Choose the one with the stubborn tea or coffee stain - bye bye! 


We love a good book, but like our DVD rule, if it hasn’t been picked up in over 6 months, it can probably go. Trust us, you won’t notice it’s gone!


It’s always useful to have a jacket on hand, but oftentimes the ends start to fray, the insulation starts to compress and lose its warming qualities, and you can tell it’s past its prime. Offload or donate! 


Yes, fashion is cyclical and styles come back, and this makes pants  a tricky one. Though some wear and tear and distress can make your pants look cool, there is a fine balance between fashionable and inappropriate. If the fraying, holes or stenches are too much, toss them! 

We’ll be back next week for another 7 items you can target for your ongoing decluttering mission! In the meantime, check out our recommendations from last week! 


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