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Why An Artificial Christmas Tree Is The Best Gift You Can Give Your Family!

We explored the pros that make artificial Christmas trees so wonderful and gathered a festive selection of faux trees that may be right for your home!

It’s not Christmas without a Christmas tree! As Santa’s flight swiftly approaches, it’s time to pick our trees and get decorating! As you count down the days until Christmas, you’ll be able to enjoy spending time and relaxing with your loved ones as you enjoy your tree’s decorations. But before you can enjoy the perfect Christmas tree, you have to pick it out! If you’re torn between opting for a real tree or an artificial tree, consider these 6 pros that come with choosing an artificial Christmas tree that could make the decision a lot easier for you. 

1.) Artificial Christmas trees significantly lower the risk of a holiday fire occurring in your home. While your Christmas tree should always be placed away from heat sources, real trees are three times more likely to catch fire than artificial trees. Plus, many artificial trees are now made to be flame resistant. 

2.) Opting for an artificial tree is a sustainable, environmentally-friendly choice. An estimated 36 million trees are cut down each year to be Christmas trees within the United States. You don’t have to be a part of that. 

3.) While artificial trees and real trees can cost roughly the same amount at the time of purchase, choosing the artificial tree is ultimately the better investment. Artificial trees can be used for many years before they need to be replaced, so that is a better deal than annually buying a new tree that can only be used once. 

4.) Since many artificial trees are already pre-lit, you don’t have to struggle to light your Christmas tree yourself. This adds ease and convenience to your decorating. Since the tree is artificial, it also requires no maintenance to keep it looking fresh and alive. There will be no tree stand to remember to fill with water or needles to sweep up. 

5.) Did you know that live Christmas trees can make your pet very sick? If ingested, the oils produced by fir trees can irritate your pet’s mouth and stomach, causing excessive vomiting and drooling. Meanwhile, both pine and fir needles that are swallowed by pets can cause gastrointestinal upset, life-threatening blockages within your pet’s digestive tract, and even puncture your dog or cat internally. And don’t even get us started on how the water keeping your tree alive could turn noxious with bacteria, mold, and fertilizer that could be harmful to both pets and children. With that said, it’s better to choose a non-toxic artificial tree that won’t hurt any curious children or pets. 

6.)  Your Christmas tree will always be the perfect size for your home. Since you will know the exact size of the Christmas tree before you buy it, you can measure to make sure it will fit through the front door and is the right size for the spot you have in mind. 

Have we convinced you to purchase an artificial Christmas tree this year? If so, make sure to place your order ASAP. Because of major supply chain issues and labor shortages, retailers are expecting there to be a massive shortage of artificial Christmas trees this year. Therefore, you need to prioritize buying the perfect Artificial Christmas tree while you still can! If you’re not sure which tree to buy, take a glance at some of our favorite, high-quality faux trees. 

White Lights: 

Joss & MainJoss & Main

North Valley Blue Spruce 6.5’ Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

This artificial Christmas tree looks so realistic you can’t even tell that it’s not a living blue spruce. The tree comes pre-lit with sparkling white lights that almost resemble snowfall, and is extremely easy to assemble. This tree is ideal for smaller spaces and features lush foliage that is ready to hold elegant holiday decorations. 

$130 (On Sale!)

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Joss & MainJoss & Main

6.5' H Glittery White Artificial Christmas Tree with Clear/White Lights

This glittering white tree is perfect for someone who is looking to mix up their holiday decorating this year with something untraditional. Instead of coming in the typical green, this snow-colored tree is pure white. Sparkling white lights are integrated into the lush foliage to bring a festive feeling to any space.

$170 (On Sale!)

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The Holiday Aisle The Holiday Aisle

Dunhill Fir 7.5' Green Christmas Tree with 600 Clear/White Lights

This realistic Dunhill Fir Christmas Tree is loved for its full body of life-like fir needles and its generous number of branch tips to decorate with ornaments, garlands, and beads. It comes pre-lit with incandescent white bulbs that bring warmth to your home and stay lit even if a bulb burns out. The tree is very simple to assemble, breaks into three pieces for easy storage, and includes a sturdy metal tree stand. 

$240 (On Sale!)

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Three Posts Three Posts

Snowy 7.5' Frosted Green Pine Artificial Christmas Tree with 700 Clear/White Lights

Even if you live somewhere sunny and warm, this Christmas tree will let you have the White Christmas of your dreams. This artificial pine tree’s branches are frosted to look like it’s been covered in a pretty powdering of fresh snow. For your convenience, it arrives pre-lit with dazzling white lights and is already decorated with pinecones and artificial red berries. 

$320 (On Sale!)

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Colorful Trees: 

Puleo InternationalPuleo International

Puleo International Pre-Lit 6.5' Blue Artificial Christmas Tree

Do you feel like you’ll be having a “Blue Christmas” this year? If so, this blue artificial Christmas tree might be just what you need to boost your spirits. The tree comes in a relaxing blue color that is reminiscent of Winter and is pre-decorated with 300 shining lights. 

$110+ (On Sale!)

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Home Accents Holiday Home Accents Holiday

7.5 ft Wesley Long Needle Pine LED Pre-Lit Artificial Christmas Tree with 550 Color Changing Mini Lights

This beautiful artificial Christmas tree is pre-decorated with 550 color-changing LED lights that offer brilliant, long-lasting illumination. When you want variety, use the included remote control to make the Christmas lights change color. The tree is extremely easy to set up and has a full and realistic appearance. It has over 1,000 lush evergreen tips to hang your ornaments, beads, and garlands and is the perfect height to shine in most living spaces.


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9 ft. Pre-Lit LED Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with 1,000 LED Lights and Stand

If you have a lot of space and want to fill it with colorful Christmas magic, this is the artificial tree for you. At 9 feet tall with ​​1,000 pre-installed LED lights, this Christmas tree is certainly a festive sight to behold. Not only are the lights extremely lovely, but they can also alternate between 5-different colors and 11-light patterns to create a warm and festive atmosphere. 


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Hammacher SchlemmerHammacher Schlemmer

The Northern Lights Christmas Trees

Imagine capturing the beauty of the Northern Lights inside your own living room! Well, this fiber optic Christmas tree aims to do just that! This stunning tree uses LED lights to create a cascade of shimmering colors that cover the tree from the trunk to the star on top. The tree is capable of displaying 23 different colors and patterns, and also has a convenient timer feature. 


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Unlit Trees: 


6 ft. Unlit Premium Snow Flocked Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with Metal Stand

It can be hard to find an un-lit artificial tree that still has frost-covered branches, making this tree a rare and special find. The realistic branches look like they have been dusted with snow, but other than that the tree has not been pre-decorated. You have complete freedom to decorate this tree however you would like each year. 


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7.5 ft. Unlit Douglas Full Fir Hinged Artificial Christmas Tree with 2,254-Tips

If you don’t like the idea of purchasing a pre-lit tree, you may want to consider this best-selling artificial Christmas tree from Costway. With this realistic tree, you’ll have the freedom to decorate it with different types of lights every year if you wanted. This non-flammable and eco-friendly tree is a great choice to give you the experience of choosing a live tree without actually picking a living tree. 


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