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What's the best raised bed planter for you?

Raised bed planters are the perfect solution for people tight on space but big on gardening ideas.

Dream of a beautiful garden but don’t have the proper conditions or space? Raised bed planters are the perfect solution! These structures allow you to grow plants in soil above the ground. By building up, instead of down, you avoid many problems that traditional gardeners run into.

There’s no need to worry about pesky insects destroying your plants at the root. You are able to control the sun or shade needed for your plants, and the quality of the soil and water drainage. Even better, a lot of these structures are fantastic looking, and will add to the overall aesthetics of your garden.

Options are bountiful but here are some of our favorite picks, made from various materials, and some with unique features we know you’ll love.

Wooden Garden Bed Planters

Arlmont & Co.Arlmont & Co.

Aliana 2 ft x 4 ft Wood Raised Garden Bed

This is so simple to assemble: no tools required! Grab it now while it’s on sale.

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$70 on WayFair
Greenes FenceGreenes Fence

16 in. x 4 ft. x 11 in. Premium Cedar Raised Garden Bed with Trellis

This garden bed is a one-two punch with the attached trellis that can be placed on either side. It will allow you to grow vegetables that grow on vines, like tomatoes, in the same location as your other fruits and veggies.

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$169 on HomeDepot.com
Better Homes & GardensBetter Homes & Gardens

Cedar Raised Garden Bed, Legs and Shelf, Driftwood Grey

This piece looks like it could be a classic piece of furniture inside your home, with it’s driftwood gray distressed finish and aluminum steel frame. However, it is meant for outdoor growing on any patio, balcony, or backyard garden.

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$199 on Walmart.com


Metal Garden Bed Planters

17 Stories17 Stories

Mascher 6 ft x 3 ft Metal Raised Garden Bed

A classic metal look, this planter is weather resistant and can withstand the elements! It’s currently on sale for under $100.

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$100 on WayFair

Outdoor Elevated Garden Planter Box with Legs and Wheels

We’re a fan of these raised garden planters because they prevent the back pain that often comes with bending over from gardening. This box comes on wheels for easy transportation and with the shelving below provides ample space for potted plants as well!

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$79 on Amazon


Stone Garden Bed Planters

Stone garden beds are not grab and go like the above, but if you are building a home or making home improvements, they are a worthwhile investment. They can be built to match existing stones from a home’s entryway and driveway. You can use these stones in a spiral shape, building up, adding a focal point to your garden. 

Unique Garden Bed Planters 


Raised Garden Bed Kit, Small

For the novice gardener, get a little help from this garden bed that is self-watering and comes with a protective cover.

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$199 on Amazon

BloomingTables Side Table -White

We flipped when we saw how gorgeous this end table is by BloomingTables. Let your garden become a functional work of art and a piece of furniture in your home. You can grow vining plants, herbs, microgreens, or succulents. If you need additional sunlight, add a grow light to your table.

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$229 on BloomingTables


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