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If you’re gearing up to plan the wedding or vow renewal of the century, you’ll find all the wedding planning tips and tricks you’ll need here!

By: Catie Kovelman, Updated 04/15/2022 

2022 has officially been dubbed “The Year of Wedding.” According to a recent video feature by Inside Edition, the wedding industry is booming! Now that Covid-19 delays seem to be behind us, approximately 2.6 million weddings are scheduled for this year — the most weddings to take place in one year since 1984. Unsurprisingly, wedding vendors are struggling to keep up with the increase in demand, which can make your wedding planning more stressful. The best thing future brides and grooms can do to beat the competition is to shop for the wedding dress early and hire vendors as soon as possible. Additionally, consider hosting a weekday wedding.  

We want to make the wedding planning process less stressful and more fun by laying out all the tips and tricks you’ll need to make wedding planning a breeze! From exploring the best locations for destination weddings to finding ways to make your wedding more budget-friendly, we have compiled lots of helpful wedding planning advice! Whether you are planning your own wedding or vow renewal or helping a loved one plan their big day, we hope the Dabl Wedding Hub can be your guide to planning your dream wedding! We’ll continue to update this hub with the latest and greatest wedding industry tips, tricks, and trends! 

Guides That Are Particularly Useful RIGHT NOW! 

Consider hosting a weekday wedding to take advantage of better venue availability! 

Shop for your wedding dress at least 9 months in advance! 

Avoid busy bridal salons by renting your wedding dress from Rent The Runway!

Who Pays For What At The Wedding?

Planning Your Proposal: 


Here’s Why You Don’t Need To Propose With A Diamond Ring! 

Picking Your Wedding Date:  

Wedding on calendar

Here’s Why You May Want To Get Married On A Weekday!

Picking Your Wedding Venue:  

Classy wedding venue

10 Questions To Ask Before You Book Your Wedding Venue!

Discover 8 Alternate Venues That May Be Perfect For Your Wedding!

5 Locations Where It Almost Certainly Won’t Rain On Your Wedding Day!

The 9 Coolest Locations To Host A Destination Wedding!

Say Yes To The Dress:

Trying on wedding dress

6 Mistakes To Avoid While Shopping For Your Wedding Dress!

Here’s Why You Should Rent Your Wedding Dress!

5 Mother of the Bride or Groom Styles For Less Than $200!

Figuring Out The Wedding Logistics: 

bride & bridesmaids

The Right Way To Plan Your Wedding Reception’s Seating Chart!

What To Consider When Choosing Your Wedding Party!

7 Questions To Ask Before You Agree To Host A Joint Wedding!

Wedding Guest Etiquette:

Wedding invite

10 Awkward Questions You Might Encounter While Wedding Planning And How To Answer Them!

Wedding Guest List Etiquette For The Parents Of The Bride & Groom!

Is It OK To Ask Your Guests For Cash As A Wedding Gift?

Breaking From Tradition:

Wedding Dessert Table

Why You Don’t Need A Cake At Your Wedding! 

Why Couples Are Deciding to Skip Big Weddings!

Prevent Wedding Disasters: 

Bride in the rain

Here’s Why You Should Invest In Wedding Insurance!

The Right Contingency Planning Could Save Your Wedding!

5 Tips to Deal With a Bridezilla or Groomzilla!

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