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Top 5 Gifts for the Tech Savant under $25

We’ve compiled the top 5, under $25 gifts for the techie in your life

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For the tech-inclined person in your life, we’ve gathered a few gift ideas so they can keep humming along! 


62 in 1 Precision Computer and Smart Phone Repair Tool Kit

Do you have someone in the home who loves taking appliance repairs upon themself? This all-in-one tool kit is sure to tackle any tech repair in the home - even your smartphone! 

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$15.99 on Amazon

Portable Electronics Accessories Bag

Help the techie in your life get organized with this sleek accessory pouch. It’s a perfect place to store cords, memory cards and more! They’ll thank you later when they’re looking for a USB, USB-C, Lightning get the idea. 

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$5.99 on Amazon

Blue Light Blocking Computer Glasses

Give the gift of healthier eyes this season with blue light blocking glasses. Blocking out blue lights promotes the production of natural chemicals in your body that will help you sleep, and will, of course, protect the health of your eyes! We especially love the styling of this pair - an upgrade to anybody’s look! 

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$15.99 at Walmart
Smart GearSmart Gear

Wireless Multifunction Find-It Tracker

A great gift for the absent-minded person in your home - a wireless tracker! Never lose your keys, wallet, purse or phone with this sleek device. And at this price, you can probably get a few of them for the whole family!

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$14.99 at Kohl’s
Hammer and AxeHammer and Axe

Smartphone Dock Wood with Amplifier

A beautifully crafted accessory that screams old school charm, and amplifies all your tunes! This phone dock takes the sounds from the built-in speaker and projects it through the amplifier. And it’ll remind your loved one to put their phone down for a minute!  

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$15.30 at Kohl’s

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