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Time for a New Mattress

Prepare for losing one hour of sleep this Sunday by purchasing a new mattress! Hot Deals at some of the best manufacturers all weekend long!

Daylight Saving Time is this Sunday (don't forget to set that clock 1 hour ahead!), and many retailers are continuing mattress sales so you can make the most of your sleep! While it may not be obvious, having a good mattress can greatly improve your life. Think about it -- on average a person will spend one-third of their life sleeping. Having a comfortable mattress with proper back support will aid in a good night’s sleep, and sleep is vital to feeling your best. Without it, you’re susceptible to weight gain and a host of other chronic health conditions. To invest in your health is to invest in a good mattress! 

According to The Sleep Foundation, an average mattress lasts about 6-8 years, so if you have one that is past its prime, consider taking advantage of one of these deals. We also know that having to test drive a million mattresses and deal with pushy salesmen is not always the best experience, so we’re pleased to let you know that all of these offers are available online. 


Allswell is one of the only bed-in-a-box mattresses that uses coils similar to those that high-end mattress companies use. Get 15% off all mattresses and 20% off everything else with code SLEEPWEEK15

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15% off with code SLEEPWEEK15


If you enjoy the feel of a memory foam mattress but with a bit more support, Amerisleep might have the perfect mattress for you! Get 30% off mattresses!

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Get 30% Off!


If you’re looking to fully overhaul your bed, this deal from Awara Sleep will allow you to do so! Beyond the mattress, which they are offering $300 off with their newsletter sign up, you will get $499 of accessories included with every mattress purchase. Accessories include a mattress protector, sheet set, and premium pillows.

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Eight Sleep

An Eight Sleep mattress is for all the Goldilocks of sleep out there; you’re always either too hot or too cold! Eight Sleep uses patented technology to regulate your temperature while you sleep. Save $200 off the Pod!

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Save $200

Haven Mattresses

Calling all back sleepers and those who like a little firmness; Haven’s gel foam mattress is for you. Get 50% off all mattresses. 

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Get 50% Off!

Idle Sleep

Hoping to get the longest life out of your mattress as possible? Idle Sleep offers award-winning flippable mattresses. Get 50% OFF FOAMS AND 20% OFF HYBRIDS & ACCESSORIES

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Take Macy’s online quiz to discover which mattress is your best fit from their enormous selection. Several mattresses are currently marked down, and if you spend $787 or more you’ll receive free delivery including vacuuming of your space and a showing of all your new mattresses’ features. 

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Free Delivery with $787 or More Order!

Mattress Firm

Offering the same selection as your brick and mortar mattress stores, Mattress Firm has a large variety of mattresses and some great Presidents’ Day savings. Get up to 30% off select mattresses! 

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Get up to 30% Off!

Nectar Sleep

Sleep Foundation rated Nectar Sleep as best memory foam mattress in 2020 and USA Today rated their mattress best overall! With such prestigious accolades, you can trust this brand. Get up to $399 of free accessories with every mattress purchase.

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Get up to $399 of free accessories!

Puffy Mattresses

If you dream of sleeping on a cloud, Puffy can make your dreams come true! Get $300 off plus a free pillow with purchase. 

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Get $300 Off!

Purple Mattress

The Purple patented Grid adapts to your body type and sleep style making their mattresses widely popular. Get up to $350 off a mattress plus sleep bundle (sleep bundles may include pillows, sheets, and mattress protectors).  

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Get up to $350 Off!


Take Saatva’s online quiz to find out which of their mattresses are best for you. From their Solaire Adjustable mattress to their Latex Hybrid naturally hypoallergenic one, you’ll likely find what you need here. Get $200 off any purchase of $1,000 or more.

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$200 off any purchase of $1,000 or more!


You’re probably familiar with this brand which is the standard of which all other memory foam mattresses are measured by. Save up to 30% on mattresses or up to 40% on toppers! 

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$300 Instant Gift with Mattress Purchase

In addition, follow these great sleep tips (like no caffeine after 2pm, no alcohol 3 hours before bed, and 15 minutes of sunlight in the morning) from the experts over at The Doctors to make sure you get a good night's rest. 

Also, make sure to check out the mattress picks from popular brands like Casper, Sealy and Nest!

In addition to a new mattress, it's important to make sure your space is cleaned and purified, and there are multiple deals going on this weekend on the latest and greatest in vacuum and air purifier technology

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