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These Plants Need To Be Brought Inside If You Want Them To Survive The Winter

Don’t forget to check your garden for plants that may need to come inside in order to survive the Winter!

It’s common knowledge that plants bloom in the Spring and tend to fade in the cold winter months. However, many aren’t aware that the cold temperatures and inclement weather will actually kill plants, and we all know there is no returning from death. While some plants can tolerate the colder weather, many tender bulbs, annuals, herbs, and tropical plants will face certain death in the harsh conditions. If you want to make sure your plants survive the Winter to bloom again in the new year, make sure to bring them inside at the first sign of frost or before nighttime temperatures start to dip below 45 degrees fahrenheit. 

Now, you might be wondering why we are telling you to start preparing your garden for Winter when it’s still the end of Summer. However, you need ample time to identify which plants will need to come inside and choose appropriate spots for them, and the colder months will be here before we know it! Some avid gardeners choose to utilize a greenhouse so plants that can keep growing all year under suitable conditions can do just that without being harmed by inclement weather! Plus, greenhouses ensure you have a spot for all of the plants you care about and want to protect each Winter.

In general, you will want to identify plants that require a Winter dormancy period or plants that can keep growing in the Winter months. Then, choose plants from these two groups to bring inside from your outdoor garden. If you can’t bring all your plants inside, you will have to make decisions based on which plants hold sentimental value to you and which plants are most and least expensive to replace next Spring. While you should do your own research on the specific plants in your garden, we compiled a list of some common plants that will need to be brought inside in order to survive the colder months. 

Plants That Need A Dormancy Period: 

Some tender bulbs do need to go through a dormant period in the Winter where they do not bloom. It is essentially a time of rest that revitalizes the plant and allows it to look extra beautiful in the Spring. While these bulbs do appreciate cooler temperatures while dormant, these temperatures need to be well above freezing for the plants to survive. Many of the plants that are categorized as tender bulbs are also expensive to replace, so it’s better to take extra steps to protect them from the cold than waste money replacing them every year. Examples of tender bulbs include caladiums, calla lilies, cannes, dahlias, elephant ears, gladiolus, and tuber roses. 

Plants That Will Keep Growing During The Winter:

As long as they have access to light, many annuals, herbs, and tropical plants will keep growing during the Winter. Although they need to be brought inside to survive frost and freezing, these plants may even show their gratitude by rewarding you with some blooms. Plants that fit into this category are coleus, fuchsia, geranium, hibiscus, cymbidium, amaryllis, agapanthus, iresine, mandevilla, and rosemary. 

Now that you know what to look for, you have plenty of time to identify plants in your garden that may need to spend Winter indoors and prepare a plan of action. By starting early, you’ll save yourself from the stress that comes when you wait until the last minute and won’t be caught off guard if an unexpected cold front arrives ahead of schedule. With gardening, you always get to see the fruits of your labor pay off when your plants thrive and bloom, so you’ll know the extra effort you took to protect your plants will truly pay off. 

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