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These Home Design Styles Are Trending RIGHT NOW!

Find out which interior design styles are trending and how you can get these looks for less in your own home!

As we get closer to the beginning of peak home-selling season in the Spring and Summer, many homeowners are looking for ways to give their homes a trendy facelift before putting their properties on the market. Alternatively, some homeowners are simply looking for creative and affordable ways to refresh their living space. Whatever your reason, here are the 3 hottest interior design styles right now, and some ways you can get these looks in your home on a budget! 



Thanks to a desire for the simple country life that grew during the COVID-19 pandemic and Taylor Swift’s support, Cottagecore is a trend and lifestyle that has soared in popularity! This trend is all about embracing comfort, coziness, and nostalgia. Cottagecore seems to be replacing farmhouse home styles and features floral patterns, pale or muted colors, vintage accents, baskets, and plants. If you love the cozy cottages on the English Countryside that you’ve seen on “Escape to the Country,” you probably already know and love Cottagecore. 

Ophelia & Co.Ophelia & Co.

Lehner Rose Print Tablecloth

This floral tablecloth is the perfect way to transform your existing kitchen table or coffee table into a Cottagecore piece! The tablecloth is carefully handmade using soft, strong permeability, pre-shrunk linen fabric, and cotton. It’s durable, elegant, and easy to care for, making this table cloth a great investment! 

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Trademark Fine ArtTrademark Fine Art

The Macneil Studio Cottage by The Macneil Studio - Print on Canvas

A great way to achieve the Cottagecore vibes is by displaying a beautiful painting of a rustic cottage as artwork on your walls. This nostalgic and beautiful painting makes any beholder long for sunny days spent in the relaxing countryside! 

$48 (70% Off!)

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Royal Albert Royal Albert

Royal Albert Old Country Roses Le Petite Miniature 9 Piece Teapot Set

Although this floral tea set is brand new, it’s made to look like a vintage tea set in the Victorian style. While this tea set is completely usable if you enjoy high tea, it also makes the perfect accent piece to bring Cottagecore vibes into your home when displayed on a viewable shelf or in a clear cabinet. 

$90 (40% Off!)

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Industrial home decor

Recently, there has been a spike in interest and popularity for industrial interior design. Industrial home design is very special because this style is all about embracing what was old that has become new again. In other words, the industrial style combines today’s modernization with design elements of the past. You’ll likely notice lots of cold concrete and metal mixed with natural and earthy elements like brick and wood. With industrial design, you’ll also see stripped-back details, such as purposefully unfinished furniture and exposed wooden beams, and metallic accents in silver and bronze. 

17 Stories 17 Stories

Metal Cage 3-Light Ceiling Light Semi-Flush

Switching out your lighting features is a great way to change the atmosphere in any room of your home! This modern and minimalistic light fixture features metal and a black finish, which fits right into industrial design. The light bulbs are in metal cages that almost resemble the lanterns from the actual Industrial Revolution. 


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17 Stories 17 Stories

Balliet 3 Piece Tiered Shelf

Turn a classic element of metropolitan landscapes into a creative storage and organization solution for your home! These dark metallic hanging shelves are made from hand-welded epoxy-coated steel and are designed to look like escape routes on old city apartment buildings. 


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Mercury Row Mercury Row

Gascon 4 Legs Coffee Table with Storage

This dark brown coffee table is simplistic and made of manufactured wood that has been stained perfectly for an industrial design palette! Despite being minimalistic and featuring stripped-back details, this coffee table also contains storage to help with your home organization. 

$106 (15% Off!)

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Boho Chic

Bohemian (aka Boho) home decor is defined by the lack of structure you’d normally find in other types of interior design. Instead, Boho utilizes layers of pattern, texture, and color in ways that are supposed to be individualized, personal, and relaxing to you. The only rule with Bohemian home style is that there are no rules. But if you aren’t sure how to bring this fun-loving style into your home, focus on including things like saturated colors, eclectic patterns, artsy decor, woven wall hangings, rattan furniture, and natural-looking woven rugs.  


Boho Throw Pillow Covers for Couch and Bed - Set of 6

Changing the accent pieces in a room can completely change the vibe of the space without any need to invest in expensive new furniture or paint jobs. These pillow covers can go over your existing pillows to transform your living room or bedroom into a Bohemian paradise! We can’t get enough of the colors and eclectic patterns on these throw pillow covers! 

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Patchwork Boho Rug

This uniquely breathtaking Patchwork Boho Rug features a one-of-a-kind design that will instantly add character to any room! The natural look, colors, and overlapping patterns add drama and are perfect for bringing Boho vibes into your home! 

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Justina BlakeneyJustina Blakeney

Justina Blakeney by Makers Collective Avisa King Quilt Set in Blue

We can’t wait to curl up for a restful night of sleep under this beautiful quilt from Justina Blakeney! Something about the blue hues is inherently calming, but the bohemian patterns are mesmerizing and beautiful! 


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