Pasta al Limone Complete
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Super Easy Pasta al Limone

Pasta al limone (lemon pasta) is the perfect summer treat!

Pasta al limone brings together an unexpected combination of ingredients - pasta noodles, lemons and cheese, and the results couldn’t be any tastier! The origins of this pasta dish are debatable, but signs point to it being born in the south of Italy, where lemons are widely used to create classic Italian favorites like limoncello, lemon gelato, and more. We love this pasta for its creaminess, yet it still tastes light and bright due to the fresh lemon zest and juice. 

For this recipe, we are using a classic spaghetti noodle, fresh lemons, and a healthy dose of pecorino romano cheese. Let’s get into it!

Lemon Zest

Zest a full lemon, and cut into thin slivers. 

White Wine ReductionWhite Wine Lemon Zest

Eyeball a few tablespoons of white cooking wine (we used sherry wine) and carefully pour into a pan. Then, add half of the lemon slivers and reduce down. 

Lemon JuiceLemon Zest and Butter

Squeeze the whole lemon into the pan, and then add a knob of butter and melt down. 

Rich Cream Reduction

Next, add heavy cream and slowly render down. Make sure to take the heat down so the cream doesn’t burn. 

Cup of Espresso

Add in spaghetti noodles, and about a full espresso cup’s worth of starchy pasta water. 

Pecorino Romano

Sprinkle pecorino romano cheese liberally on top, and start to toss until the pasta thickens. 

Fresh Cracked Pepper

Add fresh-cracked pepper to taste. 

Pasta al Limone Complete

Garnish with leftover lemon zest slivers, and decorate the plate with delicious slices of lemon. 

Pasta al Limone Complete 2

Buon Appetito. 

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