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Start Your Holiday Shopping NOW To Avoid Disappointment Caused By Inventory Shortages

If you wait to do your holiday shopping, the perfect gift could be sold out due to the anticipated shortages of toys and other highly coveted inventory.

Last year, many parents struggled to find the perfect presents for their children due to massive toy shortages and shipping delays caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. But if you thought that Christmas shopping would be easier this year now that the world has regained some normalcy, you might want to think again. Retailers are expressing concerns regarding major shortages in toys and other inventory this holiday season, which strongly suggests that Christmas shopping may even be harder this year than last year when we were in the midst of the pandemic. This is likely caused by severe congestion at major shipping ports, a significant increase in online shopping and demand for toys caused by quarantine during the pandemic, and the continuing global labor shortage

According to recent surveys, 27% of holiday shoppers already started buying gifts in August or September. There is a lot of fear about looming toy shortages and increased delivery times as we get closer to the holidays. There is definitely potential for people to start buying up all the toys and inventory their kids or family members might want as gifts to have on hand just in case in ways that are scarily reminiscent to how toilet paper and hand sanitizer was hoarded at the beginning of the pandemic. So, if there is a big ticket item you know your kids or family members want for Christmas, your best bet is to make those purchases now. Even if you choose to add to your gift or make an exchange as your child’s taste changes as you get closer to the holidays, you’ll at least be sure you’ve purchased an item you know your child will be delighted to receive. Christmas will be saved! 

Another way the pandemic continues to impact Christmas shopping this year is the increased consumer preference to shop online. E-commerce sales have significantly risen due to the pandemic, and shopping online seems to be the method of choice for Christmas shopping this year, too. With the surging demand for toys and products that can help children burn off excess energy at home, experts are also predicting that we will be looking at less online savings and holiday deals than years prior. In fact, the demand for these items is already higher than what the understaffed workforce can produce. As the demand for these products continues to escalate as the holidays approach, shipping delays and order delays are to be expected. This is something retailers may also capitalize on by charging increased prices for rush orders and expedited shipping that may or may not actually help you receive your order timely. The key is to place your order now, so any delays in manufacturing or shipping doesn’t result in a ruined Christmas or other holiday celebration. 

With the increased popularity for shopping for holiday gifts online, you may also have more luck doing your holiday shopping in person. Consider browsing for gifts in store, or utilizing the purchase for store pick-up options. That said, you still want to start early to beat the rush. As we get closer to the holidays and major retail events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, you can’t be sure big ticket appliances, toys, and devices like gaming consoles will still be in stock. 

That said, doing your holiday shopping early actually has many benefits other than simply ensuring you have the perfect gifts waiting under the Christmas tree or Hanukkah bush for your children. Since we are anticipating less savings this season, starting early means you can compare prices from different retailers with no pressure so you can ensure you are getting the best deal possible. If you are looking for customized or unique items from small businesses, it’s also a good idea to place your order before their business peaks. Sometimes small businesses have trouble keeping up with the sudden increase in orders, so they appreciate when you place your holiday order early. You will also be able to avoid dealing with the crowds and chaos that comes with trying to rush around doing last-minute shopping when the malls and stores are at their busiest. Instead of being stressed and trying to track down sold-out gift items, you can be relaxing at home or enjoying seasonal activities that make you feel festive and happy. Even the act of gift shopping early might feel like a festive way to kick off the holiday season and put you in a good mood! 

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